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LED filament lamp, difficult and difficult to breakdown(II)

Jun 08, 2017

1.Supporting materials to increase product costs

LED filament lamp market prospects are very bright, but the current stage of the promotion of LED filament light is mainly trapped in its high cost and the lack of large wattage makes LED filament lamp is currently limited to the application of lantern market, in addition, raw materials Of the matching also increased the cost, because the filament lamp in the specifications and shape are not a standard, coupled with its market volume is not large, resulting in basic matching materials are custom, high manufacturing costs.

2.LED filament cost is too high

In all parts of the LED filament lamp, the highest cost is LED filament, mainly its production process is complex, high cutting costs; production efficiency is not high, low degree of automation, leading to its cost not to come. At present 3-6W filament bulb, all costs can be controlled at 15 yuan, which accounted for half of the cost of LED filament.

3.LED filament lamp packaging more stress

LED filament lamp packaging is more stress, each enterprise out of the light effect is not the same, LED filament lamp in power and cooling or there are some limitations, resulting in its price than ordinary LED light source is relatively high.

Puzzle three: the market is small

At this stage, the current market, the best-selling LED filament lamp power is basically less than 10W, which shows that at this stage the LED filament lamp technically trapped in the heat problem, can not do high power, it also shows that it can only cover The entire lighting product line on a short, can not be widely promoted, even if the play "nostalgia" brand, LED filament light market is only niche market, temporarily can not become mainstream.

1.Consumer acceptance is low

In the incandescent and energy-saving lamps market shrinking the moment, LED lighting products are slowly end-consumer recognition. But for now, LED filament lamp market is still very limited, due to the application of LED filament lamp and power is limited, LED filament is the end consumer acceptance level is not very high.

In addition, consumers for LED filament lamp awareness is not enough, many people think that it is only the improvement of ordinary incandescent.

2.The main demand from the project

As the LED filament lamp is mainly used for lanterns, the main demand from the engineering lighting, therefore, the general dealer will not push the main LED light. Even if there are a few businesses along the way to sell LED filament lamp, there will not be too much inventory.

Difficulties four: difficult to promote

Into the terminal market, we can find LED filament lamp and did not imagine the fiery, there are two reasons:

First, many stores do not have the filament light as a key product promotion, and consumers for the light filament awareness and acceptance is not high;

Second, LED filament products relative to the bulb, tip bubble and other LED light source products and no qualitative change, but the price is relatively high, it is difficult to take the volume, let alone replace the LED bulb, energy saving lamps and other products market position.

Therefore, for now, LED filament market advantage is not very obvious, the market are basically waiting to see, try.

At present, the difficulty of pushing the LED market in the terminal market is:

First, the traditional sealing industry and LED packaging industry bad convergence (concept and process integration);

Second, to reverse the concept of end consumers is not easy;

Third, the community and the government on the LED filament lamp product acceptance is not clear. Coupled with the high price of LED filament lamp, consumers have not really clear the difference between LED filament lamp and incandescent lamp, led to the LED filament market promotion difficult.

1.Business promotion is not active

At present, LED filament lamp in order to achieve good performance in the market, but also need to strengthen publicity and innovation. LED industry is becoming increasingly fierce, industry standards have been introduced, exacerbated the LED filament market development resistance, especially at this stage, many consumers do not understand LED filament lights, businesses in the promotion of LED filament lights are not active, and even most Business is not very optimistic about its prospects in the actual sales of customers usually see or ask, businesses will push the product.

2.High prices lead to difficult to promote

At present, LED filament lamp in the market to promote a certain degree of difficulty, because consumers understand the LED filament light is not much, the probability of buying a small, coupled with the impact of electricity, in the physical store LED turnover rate is even lower The Some consumers in the purchase of products, more consideration is the price, so, LED filament light to enter the ordinary consumer's family, there is a long way to go.

3.LED filament lamp lack of new selling point

Now the LED filament lamp in the promotion of the initial stage, it knows the advantages of very few people, because the appearance of the product and the original traditional incandescent style and appearance is no different, resulting in intermediate sellers no new selling points to earn high profits, so willing to promote The enthusiasm and motivation is not high.

In addition, because some of the early manufacturers for their price in the competition to occupy a favorable position in the selection of raw materials cut corners, resulting in some instability in the product, which is part of the dealer do not want to promote an important reason.


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