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LED fluorescent lamp-the clean light

Jan 19, 2017

A carefully designed LED fluorescent lamp life of up to 50,000 hours. Lifespan of only 5,000 hours a fluorescent lamps (fluorescent lamp of some domestic life of only 300 hours). A difference of nearly 10 times. Best long-life fluorescent lamps is 10,000 hours, which is 5 times times. LED fluorescent lamp a long service life.
We know that fluorescent lamps contain mercury. 36mm fluorescent lamps contain mercury 25-45mg, 26mm (T8) Mercury-containing 20mg. Fluorescent lamps are made of fragile glass as shell, once the glass breaking, in which mercury would soon evaporate into the air, moments can mercury in ambient air concentrations of 10-20 mg/m³, exceed the State 1000-2000 times. Mercury is a toxic substance is harmful to the human body, mercury vapour up to 0.04 to 3 mg will enable the 2-3 months of chronic poisoning, 1.2 to 8.5 mg will induce acute mercury poisoning if it reaches 20 milligrams, will directly lead to animal deaths. 1mg mercury is enough to 5454.5 kilograms of drinking water pollution, making it not up to drinking standards. LED fluorescent lamps do not contain any toxic substances, is a green pollution-free light source.?
LED fluorescent lamps, the only downside is that prices are now high.? but even though the LED fluorescent lamp about fluorescent lamps about 10 times, if linked to its life, energy-saving and pollution-free, is still profitable. Because if compared with the life of 5,000 hours of fluorescent lamps, the life expectancy of 50,000 hours LED fluorescent lamps was worth 10 times the price to buy, and in the course of the saving power is pure profit.