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LED Garden lights advantages and problems

May 22, 2017

Competitive Advantage:

Although the LED courtyard lamp is still three times more expensive than the high pressure sodium lamp, but the integrated power consumption and maintenance costs and other factors, in the use of 2 years later, LED garden lights and high pressure sodium lamp is almost equal to the total cost. Therefore, in the long run, LED garden lights use the cost will be better than high pressure sodium lamp. Compared with the high-pressure lamp, the power consumption of the high-pressure nanometer lamp is about 250 watts, the LED is only 60 watts. In the service life part, the high pressure sodium lamp is about 4,000 hours on average, but the LED can be up to 50,000 hours The With the LED courtyard lamp prices continue to decline, its competitive advantage will become increasingly evident.


Use efficiency:

LED luminous efficiency is high. Can be purchased to the LED light efficiency has reached 100lm / W, its luminous efficiency is much higher than the energy-saving lamps, metal halide lamp and electrodeless lamp, street lamp lighting than the commonly used high-pressure sodium lamp is also higher than 10%. Has become one of the highest luminous efficiency of the light source. LED replacement of incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps and high pressure sodium lamps and other light sources are no longer a major technical barriers, but a time problem.

technical challenge:

With the LED lighting market blowout into the city, LED street lamp development gradually clear. All enterprises have beachhead LED street lamp market situation out of control. Although the LED industry in recent years, rapid development, but still lack the authority of the technical standards, resulting in the whole industry varies greatly, on a wide range of promotion is very unfavorable. In the technical difficulty is relatively high LED lights, the lack of technical standards to bring the problem is particularly evident. Many skilled LED manufacturers and integrators, and do not understand how to design a practical garden lights, application departments can not tell the specific requirements. For example, many manufacturers in order to solve the problem of LED cooling, the design of a "hollow" lampshade. But for the garden lights, this shape "shelter" function is poor, not suitable for LED garden lights.

Although the government's strong support, LED garden lights market is developing rapidly, but can not be ignored is that in order to truly get LED garden lamp market long-term development is still facing serious challenges. In addition to the high cost, LED garden lights products are facing major problems include: light, heat and power systems.


From the light source point of view, on the one hand is the need to further enhance the luminous efficiency of LED, on the other hand is to improve the light source arrangement. A large part of the market LED lighting products, LED light source is arranged through the lattice structure, the biggest advantage of this approach is conducive to solve the heat problem, but because of this structure is not enough horizontal irradiation distance, while the light distribution range Large, resulting in the refraction cup can not achieve the concentration of light, need to use the secondary lens to achieve independent light distribution, which for the secondary lens selection requirements are higher, different materials, secondary lenses have some problems, affecting the product Use effect. And if the treatment is not good, the use of lenses will also affect the road lighting effects and clarity.


In order to improve the above problems, some LED garden lights enterprises have introduced the use of integrated module way of light source, the kind of light source package to reduce the form of circuit board welding and finished products at work due to the light source arrangement of the way or a few products The In addition, since the use of a reflective cup to achieve centralized light distribution, but also to avoid the use of secondary lens and the negative impact. But it is undeniable that the use of such a package of light sources will face more severe cooling challenges. From the power point of view, different from the traditional lighting products can be directly connected to the exchange of electricity, LED is a low-voltage drive devices, and the need for constant current drive, which requires the LED garden lights power system to redesign. LED power costs account for about 10% of the overall product cost -20%, power system, but will affect the product life to a large extent.


Application promotion is also hinder the development of LED garden lights reasons. As the LED garden lights have no formal standards, color temperature, color and glare and several other major parameters have not yet been determined, LED garden lights can not be fully promoted. Second, the LED garden lights are too high prices to LED lights to promote the application of great difficulties. Coupled with the LED courtyard lamp lighting standards and the use of LED garden lights road pavement test method standards have not yet developed, at this stage, LED street lamp market development is mainly dependent on the government's strong support.


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