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Led interior lighting with which attention

Jan 19, 2017

Led indoor lighting that is, we often say that the energy-saving led lights, which ordinary lights have made a big difference, of course, the biggest difference is that energy conservation. However, if you installed the led interior lighting, then you should pay attention to some precautions about led interior lighting.
First of all, led interior lighting at the time of use, and don't say turn off can save electricity and frequent open, damage to the energy-saving lamps is very large. Why is that? Because when opened, instantly produces a high pressure, this time easily damaged lamps. In General, the switch is equal to the energy-saving lamp life lasts 10 hours at a time, and the startup power consumption is 3 times the normal working times.
Therefore, when you open the following led interior lighting, try not to shut down, unless you say, you have to go out, or do not need to turn on the light for a long time, then you can choose to turn off.
In addition, energy-saving lamps should not be used in dimmer lighting, dimmer luminaire sine cut off part of the circuit is mostly normal, thereby reducing the effective output voltage value, but such wave energy-saving electronic ballast lamp will not work.
All in all, the above points can be summed up in two points: first, do not frequently switch second, do not use in dimmable lamps. I hope this can provide further knowledge of led interior lighting!