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LED lamp beads do not shine the reasons for summary

May 27, 2017

LED light bar quality is poor, improper operation or use more than life, there may be lights do not shine the problem, LED lamp beads do not shine the reasons can be divided into the following points:

        1.Dead lights. The so-called dead light, refers to the LED positive and negative standard voltage (3.25V), LED is not bright or slightly bright. The cause of this phenomenon may be: lamp cooling is not enough, long time lead to damage to the chip; ② current settings are not correct, too high current caused by chip damage; ③ if the use of constant voltage power supply, the voltage is not set correctly, too high voltage Breakdown of the chip; ④ welding LED when the improper operation, lens force too much to break the gold thread; ⑤ welding LED when there is no electrostatic protection equipment caused by LED static breakdown; ⑥ design of the lamp structure is not considered slug with positive.

        2.Color bias. The so-called color bias, refers to the white (white, white, warm white) color temperature measured value and its nominal value error of 10% or more. The reason for this phenomenon may be: ①LED temperature is too high; ② LED preservation environment caused by deterioration of the phosphor, generally high humidity (higher than 40% relative humidity).

        3.Light flashing The so-called light flash, refers to the LED non-human control to produce intermittent light off. The reason for this phenomenon may be: ① drive power failure, resulting in intermittent current, can be detected through the oscilloscope; ② lens force to produce displacement, resulting in poor contact with LED gold wire.

        4.Light decline big. The so-called light attenuation, refers to the use of LED for some time (1000 hours) after the test its luminous flux was significantly smaller than the use of the luminous flux before the ratio of less than 0.9. The reasons for this phenomenon may be: ① poor heat, LED long overheating caused by LED aging; ② current is too large to make LED accelerated aging.

        5.Lens mist, visible bubbles. This phenomenon may be due to LED damp, you can LED at 60 (± 5 ) under the conditions of drying 10 to 12 hours and then use, the performance without any impact.

        6.Lens off. The cause of this phenomenon may be improper operation when welding or secondary optical lens does not match the lens force is too large.


        When you encounter the above problems, you can refer to the LED light bulb does not solve the solution to troubleshooting.

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