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LED lighting cooling module three major innovation

May 26, 2017

 With the led luminous efficiency and process to improve, coupled with the global energy saving, environmental awareness rise, LED applications gradually cross the indoor lighting market, the prospects for high-profile, and is seen as a new generation of light source to replace the traditional light source. LED as a light source of indoor lighting, with energy saving, long life, vibration resistance, low power consumption, small size, easy to decay, suitable for low temperature environment and high luminous efficiency and other advantages, but the heat problem is the impact of high power LED into the universal bottleneck. (SUNON) research and development of LED indoor lighting cooling module, combined with the flexible design of fans and modules, announced the advent of LED indoor lighting cooling module on the development of a big step!

Innovative patent barrier design to prevent hot air backflow

As a global leader in thermal solutions, LED lighting is used in indoor lighting cooling bottlenecks, the establishment of LED thermal research and development team, with nearly three decades of rich experience in heat treatment, focusing on LED indoor lighting design Development. Sunon LED indoor lighting bulb thermal module innovative design, is the fan in the module into the air inlet with the rectification and increase the air flow function of the patent block (Ringing Ring), on the one hand can be diverted quickly to bring hot air to prevent Hot air reflow causes the lamp temperature to rise, lower in the temperature than the general non-blocking ring design, lower 10 , lower noise levels, but also lower than the general design of 17dBA. 

Innovative two-fan two-way operation patented design, to prevent dust deposition, to extend the lamp life

LED indoor light bulb installed in the ceiling position, very easy to silt the dust, the impact of lamp lighting efficiency and service life, in order to overcome this problem, built on the fan design to develop a unique global two-way operation patented design. The patented circuit is designed to control the fan to blow off the dust on the bulb in the way of starting the operation, so as to avoid the effect of the dust in the cooling module and the bulb due to the contact of the space. After the automatic conversion into a reverse direction for cooling function.

Innovative three quiet cooling design, to create high-quality living environment

Used in the indoor cooling program, the sound quality requirements during operation as much as thermal performance. In order to achieve the best sound quality design goals, LED indoor lighting bulb thermal module using Maglev Motor Fan (MagLev Motor Fan), emphasizing the balance of the sound quality of the fan and quiet design, to provide the indoor environment of the quiet, comfortable without interference Of the realm, to create the best sound texture, the fundamental solution to the user's noise problems, to show the operation of the quiet antipyretic effect, so LED indoor lighting products more humane and practical.

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