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LED lighting methods and forms of diversification

May 23, 2017

1. Neon: neon light lighting ads will have a new development. Although the neon lights have come out for nearly a hundred years, due to the continuous progress of neon technology, neon lights continue to appear, is expected in the future for a long period of time not only will not be replaced by other lighting, but also a new development. It is predicted that the next 20-30 years, the color of neon lights, optical neon lights, rainbow light neon lights, Promise neon lights and low-voltage electronic neon lights will come out one after another. This pair of neon advertising lighting will be a powerful boost. In addition to the scope of application of neon lights in addition to advertising, in the building night lighting, art decoration and signal signs have a wide range of applications.

2. Cast light: the progress of advertising cast light (floodlight) lighting. One is the lighting system constantly updated, there tungsten halogen lamp, fluorescent lamp, color improved mercury lamp and metal halide lamp a variety of lighting systems; the other is advertising light lighting technology is maturing, more standardized lighting design; Third, Advertising lighting lighting standards, lighting uniformity, the use of light, lighting and control equipment gradually stereotypes and standardization.

3. Light box advertising and logo: light box advertising and logo, especially the flexible light box advertising with its unique advantages, as advertising rookie, favored to promote the application of good prospects. Analysis of the reasons for the flexible light boxes and film light boxes, frosted glass light boxes, diffuse transmission plexiglass plate light boxes, PC board light boxes, and neon advertising than it has the following outstanding advantages:

First, the material diffuse light good, from different angles, visual effects are good; the use of computer ink jet, photo, screen printing and thermal transfer, thermoforming technology, all kinds of text and color patterns printed on the screen, regardless Is the day or night, the visual effects are good; the second is the material with high strength, anti-ultraviolet aging and anti-static, etc., in the absence of direct damage or climate effects, the use of a long time;

Third, the flexible fabric of the beam way transport, safe, economical, easy to transport, together with the aluminum alloy or stainless steel box, safe and easy, good weather resistance, such as the Otel Long 4 light box cloth, anti-wind speed 100KM /

Fourth, because the light box cloth and other materials with microbial growth, anti-pollution, easy to clean, so easy maintenance and repair, cleaning, repair and replacement of light, no need to disassemble the panel, only open the light box or below can be carried out.

4. Optical fiber lighting: fiber optic lighting technology in advertising and logo applications. Since the 80s of this century, the world's advertising industry began to use optical fiber technology. Advertising As the optical fiber has a wide range of light transmission, light weight, small size, electricity province, free from electromagnetic interference, and the advantages of frequency bandwidth. The United States New York Times Square Coca-Cola fiber optic lighting, advertising image clear, colorful, lifelike, but also make the image under the control of the computer infinite, advertising effect is remarkable. Another example is the Beijing State Road, fiber optic lighting speed limit signs, small size, line of sight from the big show good, popular. Experts believe that the emergence of this form of advertising means that the static signs of advertising will be gradually abandoned, outdoor advertising media will be a huge change.

5. Light guide tube: a unique light guide tube lighting advertising and signs. In the early 90s of this century, in Germany, Munich Airport, France and Spain on the highway there is a light guide with the light into the advertising or road signs light box for lighting. This advertising and the successful screen pattern clear, colorful, maintenance is particularly convenient, do not open the light box, maintenance personnel in the ground to open the light guide box light box can be replaced to replace the light source.

6. large-screen display: large-screen display ads. The 80s of this century to reproduce a completely different from the neon advertising ads on the big screen. This is a large-area matrix video display system using a single light-emitting device as a unit combination. This system is used for advertising display, not only the screen brightness is high, contrast, colorful, and television can display its dynamic picture and text.

(LED) display, cathode ray tube (CRT), fluorescent discharge tube (FDT), incandescent light display and liquid crystal (LCD) display, etc., with a variety of light-emitting devices, The The technical parameters of commonly used light-emitting devices are shown in Table 2.

This advertising media has been used in many public places, traffic arteries. Its function in addition to advertising, but also publish information, enrich people's cultural and entertainment life, is the audience favorite advertising media. In many cities in China has been widely used, and received a very good results.

7. Invisible advertising and logo: This is the use of stealth color paint (Phosphor Color) drawn ads or signs. It can not show its natural light irradiation pattern; only use ultraviolet light, can only show its colorful, vivid image or logo of the screen. This is a more special advertising media, has been applied in many places at home and abroad, and received a magical advertising and decorative effect.

8. Hologram advertising and logo: This is the use of hologram technology design and production of advertising signs, the graphics outline clear, three-dimensional three-dimensional image of a particularly strong advertising logo media. Although this technology has not yet widely applied. But its unique performance has attracted the attention of the advertising industry and the lighting industry.

9. Solar road signs: This is the use of amorphous silicon solar cells, solar energy can be converted into electrical energy, as the road signs light-emitting device power supply, and make it luminous and the formation of road signs. Beijing Changan Street, the second ring road set with the road signs, Guangdong Pearl River route navigation signs are using this technology, energy saving effect is very significant, and received a good lighting effect.

10. Advertising air lighting: In recent years, the introduction of high-altitude balloons, advertising quite innovative. Install the lighting source in the balloon as air advertising lighting. This type of lighting power, one is the use of self-contained batteries, the other is the use of special power lines will be sent from the ground to the ball, for the use of light source. Central TV launch pad just launched the space light ball belongs to a class of products.

Advertising lighting a lot of types, in the application, with the installation location and requirements of the different forms of cloth and lighting, lighting equipment in the shape and color are also showing a diversified development trend.

Advertising art is the soul of advertising design. In the colorful advertising world, advertising as a visual information media, not only eye-catching, in an instant to the consumer left an unforgettable impression, but also through the designer's unique artistic ideas, strong color effects and the most Good lighting art, people get art from the infection and beauty to enjoy, to stimulate the desire of consumers to buy. Advertising lighting art, is to require not only to light up, but also according to the United States, according to the rich artistic charm. An art of ingenious design, production of fine advertising works, only scientific and artistic lighting design, that is, by selecting the scientific application of light and light distribution of light, according to the best brightness level and brightness distribution to determine the cloth light program, which Art to show the work in front of the audience. If the lighting is not used with light, or cause glare, so that the audience feel uncomfortable, then even the excellent advertising works will lose their artistic style, and even appear strange bizarre phenomenon. Such as large-scale billboards of the lighting art, billboards are public places and traffic guru common advertising media, its lighting is not simply in the billboard above or below a few lights to light up on the bin. Licensing of the illumination and illumination distribution, the optical performance of the light source, color effects, installation location, the appearance of lighting fixtures and colors are more and more attention to scientific and artistic. Such as the United States Outdoor Advertising Association outdoor billboards specified size, illumination and lighting uniformity are strictly specified, see Table 3 and Table 4. The light source, lamp and installation equipment are divided into different advertising content and location in the art also has strict rules.

Another example is the light box advertising and logo lighting, in order to make the advertising screen to achieve the best artistic effect, the brightness of advertising screen also shown in Table 5 standard. And then according to the design of the brightness of the light box design light box lamps and installation methods. The brightness uniformity of the light box is calculated by the following formula: Uniformity = Brightness near the light source / Brightness away from the light source. Uniformity of 1 is the best, uniformity of 2 is the maximum tolerance, for most of the advertising light box uniformity of 1.3 to 1.5 can have a satisfactory effect.

Particularly worth mentioning is the application of chattering neon lights, will have a profound impact on the art of neon lighting. Because the traditional neon lights can only issue a color, to change the pattern of neon advertising or text on the color, you have to use a number of different colors of the neon tube in the same pattern or text in front of overlapping arrangement, and then Through the power control equipment so that each neon lamp light, to achieve the purpose of changing color. This combination of neon tube is not only the installation of complex equipment, the point of failure, the appearance of poor, and discoloration, light jumping strong sense. And the color of neon lights, the same lamp can produce a variety of different colors, the neon lights and signs of lighting is undoubtedly a major change by the user's welcome. I study the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Beijing to use the color of neon advertising and decorative lighting, its unique artistic effect, it is wonderful magic, worthy of a large number of popularization and application.




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