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LED lights the latest protection technology(III)

Jun 06, 2017

LED lights the latest protection technology(III)


Through the hand to discharge the body's static electricity. It is made of anti-static elastic band, movable buckle, spring cord. Protection resistor and plug or chuck. The inner layer of the elastic band is woven with an anti-static yarn, and the outer layer is knitted with ordinary yarn.

    6. Anti-static shoes and wrist straps in the use of human safety issues

Only from the perspective of anti-static, the overall resistance of the human body to the smaller the better, but the minimum by the security aspects of the human body must have a certain value of the ground resistance, so that in case of metal equipment or equipment and frequency In the case of a short supply, the resistor can limit the current flowing through the operating body. The minimum value should not be less than 105Ω, the maximum does not exceed 109Ω.

7. Anti-static shoes and wrist strap to pay attention to what the problem?

(1) The use of wrist strap operation is not allowed to disconnect, otherwise it will lose ground effect. The main problem with the use of various wristbands is open, sometimes temporary, and sometimes long disconnected, so that the role of grounding.

(2) Wrist strap buckle is not tight caused by the human body skin and wrist strap contact resistance becomes larger

(3) Some of the wrist strap resistance is the tape itself, when the touch with the ground to greatly reduce the resistance, there may be caused by the risk of human shock.

(4) Some claiming to be a wireless wristband, the effect is far better than the cable is good.

(5) Anti-static shoes should wear anti-static socks / insoles, and work on the anti-static ground in order to make the body's static electricity to the earth, any part of the resistance is too large or disconnected will make the human body to bring harm Static electricity. So in the important departments should have a human body resistance tester at any time to detect the body wear shoes / socks / insoles and the total resistance with the human body can play a leakage of static electricity requirements.

(6). Wrist strap application Special with a socket grounding wire connected with the ground, can not be caught in the desktop or table metal body, because the metal body to ground resistance may be great.

(7). Always check the resistance of the wrist strap

Five. LED production workshop of electrostatic protection

Workshop work area used by the anti-static products and other appliances, after a period of time, the resistance may be greater than 109, in order to achieve the purpose of anti-static, it is recommended to create the following four basic conditions, one is to ensure that human protective measures The implementation of the two; to ensure that the workshop production equipment electrostatic protection; third is to make the production workshop and the surrounding environment to meet the anti-static requirements; four is to improve the system, develop operational norms, establish a strict internal audit system to ensure that the system can be implemented, Pay attention to the training of staff static awareness; the development of electrostatic protective equipment, technical standards to ensure the quality of protective equipment. In the measurement and control methods, the work area to add temperature and humidity monitoring, daily record of temperature and humidity; monthly static pressure measurement; staff anti-static, the hat after washing once a surface resistance and friction voltage detection; anti-static pad and other annual testing Primary surface resistance. The workshop door set the human body comprehensive resistance tester; once a month ion fan balance voltage and static dissipation time. Please note that the production process to take appropriate preventive measures, the following for reference only:

Must be able to prevent static electricity: the assembly staff to wear anti-static clothing (such as anti-static clothes, hats, shoes, fingers or gloves, etc.)

Must be able to quickly its surface or internal static dissipation: assembly operators need to wear anti-static wrist strap. (Wrist strap must be connected to the grounding system) can provide shielding protection by electrostatic sudden discharge or electric field impact:

Assemble the table (table) to use anti-static pad, and ground.

wear LED need to use anti-static components box.

iron, cut foot machine, tin furnace (or automatic reflow equipment) are required to ground.

During the operation, try to avoid the direct touch of the LED tube pin, pick up as much as possible to touch the colloid part. Grounding measures should be completely prevent the generation of static electricity, workstations, iron, cut the foot machine, tin furnace (or automatic reflow equipment) of the ground, must be introduced into the mud with thick wire, , Buried in the surface below 1 meter, the ground line are required to be connected with the main line together, the operator wear the static ring if the lead wire, also need to lead the line connected to the buried line. Semi-finished products, finished product testing equipment also need to ground.

LED packaging bags and semi-finished packaging materials to use anti-static sponge or packaging




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