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Led lumens FAQ

May 17, 2017

What will affect the lumen value of LED lamps?

A: The structural design process, the power adapter and the lights do not match, poor heat and so on

Led lumens formula is what? 

A: According to the spectral radiation flux Φ (λ), we get the luminous flux formula:

         Φ = Km Φ (λ) gV (λ) dλ

        In the formula, V (λ) - relative to the spectral luminous efficiency; Km-radiation spectral luminous efficacy of the maximum value, the unit is Lm / W. In 1977, the Km value was determined to be 683 Lm / W (λm = 555 nm) by the International Metrology Commission.

For 1W lamp beads, led lum greater the better? 

A: In principle, the so-called led lumens is the so-called luminous flux, 1W issued by the number of lumens is luminous efficiency, so 1W produced by the higher luminous flux represents the better luminous efficiency. But the luminous flux boost is achieved by boosting the current.


This may have two negative effects: 

1, the current engage in easy to cause light failure. 

2, high luminous flux later, the color will decline. And these two indicators is a measure of the key indicators of good or bad LED.

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