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LED market trends in the future: store business

May 26, 2017

In recent years, the rapid development of domestic LED lighting industry, in the national policy of strong support, its prospects is a bright future. But the policy is good and the market prospects to attract new manufacturers continue to join, making the LED lighting industry has shown a trend of overheating, but also led to increased market competition and disorderly development of the industry.


Fierce competition in the market, making the major LED lighting companies must take various means to seek thousands of enterprises gathered in the industry to occupy a place in the competition. In the fight price of this unsustainable means been criticized by all walks of life, the brand can not see the results of short-term circumstances, through the expansion of the channel to bring economies of scale and brand effect has always been a number of companies prefer the way to break through. And channel expansion through the creation of brand stores is one of the important means. At the same time a large extent, the number of stores and coverage is seen as an important indicator of business and brand strength.

But the survey found that the current exceptionally popular in the domestic LED lighting industry, but in the terminal market, specializing in LED lighting products business is not much business, LED product store is also traces of rare, and LED lighting Industry hot formation of a clear contrast. Why is this happen? Reporters with this question interviewed the industry stakeholders.

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LED market trends in the future: store

Three male Aurora Marketing Director Guo said to reporters, LED product store is the future trend of market development, but to establish a perfect LED store needs a strong business strength as a support. The establishment of LED stores, enterprises must be rich enough, the combination of reasonable structure, accurate positioning of LED products, there must be sufficient coverage of the channels and logistics system, must have standardized services. And all this is based on a strong corporate strength.

Guo said, in fact, the market has a lot of new lighting industry LED enterprises to establish a LED store, but the general benefits are not ideal, which in turn affected the enterprises to continue to build LED store confidence. The reason is mainly because the strength of enterprises is not enough, these new lighting industry LED enterprises in the brand appeal, product richness, channel health, service standards and other aspects also need a longer time to upgrade and accumulate.

For the three male aurora, in the past ten years, the three Aurora has been established throughout the country a large number of stores, channels are more perfect, while in the brand, products, services have achieved good results. On this basis, the three male aurora has begun to local conditions, step by step in some areas to establish a LED store. Three male Aurora will be for the local business district characteristics, store characteristics, dealer advantages and other characteristics, in the case of immature conditions to establish the use of traditional products to promote LED products, integrated stores, in the case of mature conditions, the establishment of specialized LED Stores, etc., to the construction of the store.

Guo said, in addition to the store building, the three Aurora is also throughout the country to set up a special way to experience the museum to increase the experience of the consumer experience. And the store is different, three male Aurora LED lighting experience museum is to show three male Aurora brand image and LED product value of the place, for users and professionals experience, exchange platform.

For LED lighting companies need to open a wide range of stores, Guo said that the store as an important sales terminal, not only products, sales, service role, but also consumers feel the brand culture and brand strength an important way. Therefore, the construction of LED stores is indeed conducive to the hearts of consumers to establish a good brand image, to promote the promotion of LED lighting has a positive role. For the entire industry, the existence of LED stores are conducive to the public, the media, regulatory oversight, to promote the orderly development of industry norms. But ultimately the enterprise or according to their own strength to arrange the construction of LED stores, must not blindly great joy, blind seeking more, otherwise it will become a drag on the development of enterprises.

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