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LED panel lights main components, the key technology(III)

Jun 01, 2017

Electrical performance (electronic): If a lighting compared to a girl, then the distribution of light is her connotation, the structure is her appearance, the electron is her heart. (To attract people's eyes are always those beautiful appearance, fashion beauty, the product is also the case). People do not have no heart life, no electronic lights do not become a power supply, a good drive power can also determine the life of a product. Electronic standards and parameters are often much more complex than the structure, pre-development of energy investment is also relatively large. The current technology trends and updates are changing, one day a day, engineers have to spend a lot of energy to learn, absorb, decomposition, application of new technologies. Electronic design of the early plan, the implementation of the latter part of the formation of the entire process to form a document to form the data This is the most cumbersome design things. For example: a power supply design of a pre-program, product introduction, standard basis, safety specifications, electrical performance expectations, process requirements, raw material assessment, testing methods, etc. to form a system file.

In the field of LED drive power, now as the industry leader in the development of the road, is full of legendary. Out of the LED industry's keen sense of smell, Mao Shuo power head Gu Yongde led his team in 2006 began to invest in research and development LED power. Today, the world's leading technology has led the LED lights intelligent drive the trend, proposed for the LED street lamp manufacturers to provide the most reliable intelligent drive solution, which is a concept-leading example.

LED drive power is powerful

LED power supply as the core of LED lights, like the heart of LED, LED drive power directly determines the quality of LED lighting is good or bad.

First of all, in the structural design, outdoor LED drive power must have a strict waterproof function, otherwise, can not withstand the outside world harsh environment.

Second, LED drive power lightning protection is also essential. Outside the work will inevitably encounter thunderstorms, if the drive power without lightning protection function, will directly affect the LED lamp life, increase lamp maintenance costs.

Finally, in the selection of raw materials, its reliability must meet its life needs, functional characteristics need to be good enough.

At present, the theoretical life of LED chip is about 100,000 hours, and the industry components such as parts to match, the key components of the choice must be improved DMT, DVT verification management to ensure long life and product reliability requirements, otherwise Power life is not enough, lamp life can not be achieved.





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