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LED ring: Micro led still attention

Feb 26, 2018

♦ With micro LED, the new research of Japan's flexible display can be applied to medical

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed ultra-thin, flexible displays that show signs of pulse, electrocardiogram, etc. through the skin. The use of breathable micro-mesh electrodes with the extension of the micro LED lights and lines, creating only 1mm, very thin, flexible display, so that it more fully with the skin. In addition to detecting the pulse speed through it, you can also connect the smartphone, sending important information directly to the cloud system for preservation.

♦ Samsung: Modular Micro LED TV will be on sale this August

It is reported that Samsung Electronics will use qled (quantum dot enhanced liquid crystal display) and micro LED TV product line, to promote its high-end TV market dual-track strategy. In addition, Samsung Visual display business Deputy Han Zhongxi pointed out that Samsung will start in August 2018 to sell wall (wall) modular micro LED TV.

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♦LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics to micro LED field

This year's war between LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics is expected to be transferred from the original quantum dot TV (qled), OLED TV, to the micro led field.

According to Business Korea23 Day report, LG Electronic Vice Chairman Cho Seong-jin 21st visit to the television Department of the city of Chaping, outgoing has asked subordinates to the September this year, the introduction of the size of Samsung "the Wall the tv" also larger micro-led TV. LG Electronics intends to use the micro LED provided by LG Innotek, the report said.

♦mini led Big Fight field, Taiwan plant active vies related application

Dual-Tiger Mini led, group creators published AM Mini led, emphasizing the highest level of HDR (High dynamic Range) at a reasonable cost. Group create AM mini LED panel is in cooperation with the depot development, in addition, Group Chong Executive vice President Ding Jinglong more revealed that there is a secret weapon, to let AM mini led early in this year's mass production.

Friend Tatsu locked in the higher-order, professional application market, has been and electric competition pen electricity, art application monitors and other customers to negotiate product development, planning in the second half of the shipment, to lead the production of mini LED backlight display panel.

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♦ Huaneng optoelectronic 10.8 billion investment in advanced semiconductor anddevice project

February 22, Huazan photoelectric announcement, the company in Yiwu information optoelectronic High-tech Industrial Park Investment in the construction of advanced semiconductor and device project signed the "Huazan Optoelectronic advanced Semiconductor and Device Project Investment framework Agreement." The total investment of the project plan is 10.8 billion yuan.

The project includes: ①led epitaxy and Chip, ② sapphire substrate, ③ ultraviolet Led;④ infrared led;⑤microled;⑥mems sensor, ⑦ vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) ⑧ gallium nitride (Gan) base laser ⑨ gallium nitride (Gan) based power electronic devices and other advanced semiconductor and device projects.

♦ New Global Marketing senior vice president appointed by branch

Recently, CREE announced the appointment of Thomas Wessel as senior vice president of global marketing, the appointment from February 19, 2018 effective. Wessel will be directly responsible for the Gregg Lowe (President), responsible for wolfspeed power supply and RF as well as branch Rui LED components business sales and marketing.


♦ Austria Billiton 2017 year Performance Express, revenue and net profit double growth

February 23, the Austrian extension of the electronic release of the 2017-year performance letters. Company to achieve total operating income of 1,028,080,645 56 yuan, an increase of 124.92% per cent, to achieve the ownership of the listed company's shareholders net profit of 131,907,130 43 yuan, an increase of 52.88%.

♦ Longda: Operating last year, the profit is still based on backlit products

Taiwan led factory to recover last year, the company's main profit spindle is still backlit products, but the previous few years on the formation of the pressure of profit lighting products, the proportion of lighting continued to drop, new application products shipments increased, this year the operation continued to maintain optimism.

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