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LED Star lights and the difference between LED spot light

Jan 19, 2017

Wonder lighting project, what choice LED Star lights and LED point light, they use the same? two lamps have similarities or differences, here we explain the differences between star light and point light.

From the led pattern differences:
(1) LED Star lights shine on all sides, five light modes, users can select a single permanent or color control and lighting effects are like a shining star.
(2) LED luminous model has only one surface, can be made into a one-color permanent, color control, full-color external effects, in addition it with stars lights the biggest difference is, externally controlled LED light source to make body screen showing dynamic animation effects.

Uses distinction:
LED Star lights are often used in building on window dressing, installed in the hollow parts of the border light can achieve the effect of filling, finishing touch, presenting a vivid picture.
LED point light sources can be used to create Panel effect of point source screen, sketch an outline effect of lighting can also do, is what people call the "marquee."
So in the lighting project, LED Star lights and LED point source varies, according to different uses the user can select the appropriate lighting fixtures.