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Led Street Light

Apr 22, 2017

Led street light is a new model of luxsky lighting CO.Ltd, it uses the most advanced led technology, not only provide a real-time quality lighting but also save energy. All our led street lights are not containing harmful substances and provide the maximum energy saving effect (up to 70%).The biggest feature is: Modular Structure. Therefore, it will be more convenient for installation and replacement. 

With precise temperature control technology, the quality of led street light is dependable. Their cover material has been adopted aluminum alloy and high strength plastic that are anti-corrosion and antioxidative. Its power factor is more than 0.95 and the IP grade is up to 65.This will allow it use in the working temperature between -30 and 45.They are suitable for asphalt pavement, the road illumination, brightness and glare index are all conform to the international standards of outdoor lighting.

We have many kinds of led street lights on sale now, if you want to learn more about that, what are you waiting for, contact us!