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LED strip lights with purchase guide

May 19, 2017

1, LED lights with the chip: chips are made and Taiwan chip, as well as imported chips (including the US chip, the Japanese chip, the German chip, etc.). Chip different, the price difference is very large. At present the most expensive is the US chip, followed by the Japanese chip and the German chip, the price is moderate Taiwan chip. What exactly is the chip? To achieve what kind of effect? Before purchasing the first to know.

2, LED package: sub-resin package and silicone package. The price of the resin package is cheaper, because the cooling performance is slightly worse, the other is the same. Silicone package heat dissipation is good, so the price is slightly more expensive than the resin package.

3, LED color consistency: There are many domestic packaging plant, there are thousands of small and small, of course, there is strength of the strength of the points. There are many small packaging plant because there is no split color separation machine, so either split color separation, or is outgoing, so that the quality is difficult to guarantee. No color separation of the LED, the color consistency is poor, installed in the LED lights on the effect after the light is not so good, of course, the price difference is relatively large.

4, LED welding effect: LED lamp with the assembly of manual welding and machine welding two, manual welding is the use of soldering iron, using the most primitive way of welding, solder joint solder is not uniform, mostly a dot wrapped around the foot , At the same time there will be different degrees of tin tip appears, this is a typical phenomenon of manual welding. This kind of operation out of the product is the appearance of ugly (spot size inconsistent, flux residue, solder joints are not smooth, LED package is burned, etc.), the second is the electrostatic protection measures are not good, many LED chips were breakdown, Resulting in the phenomenon of micro-bright or not lit when the power is turned on. Machine welding is not the same, the use of SMT chip technology, with solder paste and reflow process production. Therefore, the LED lights on the solder joints are relatively smooth and the amount of solder will not be more, the solder joints were arc-shaped from the FPC pad to the LED electrode at the extension of the product is not only after the appearance of beautiful (solder joint size consistent, , No flux residue, LED package intact), and the chip will not be the phenomenon of static electricity burned. At the same time, LED location and direction are more beautiful. This can be seen directly from the appearance.

led strip light.jpg

5, FPC material: FPC sub-pressure copper and copper two, copper is cheaper, more expensive copper rolling. Copper plate of the pad in the bend easily fall off, and rolling copper will not. Which specific use of the FPC, depending on the use of the purchaser to make their own decisions.

6, FPC whether the environmental certification, UL certification? LED whether the patent and so on. There is a certified and patented, the price is more expensive, no cheap price.

7, LED brightness: different brightness LED prices are different, ordinary brightness and highlight the price difference between the LED is quite poor. Therefore, when the procurement must be clear that they need what kind of brightness, so as to accurately locate their own products.

8, LED color: different colors, the price is not the same. White, green color and color separation is more difficult, so the price is higher than the price of other colors; red, yellow, blue and other color separation is easier, and consistency is better, so the price is slightly cheaper. Special colors such as purple, brown and so on because of color reasons, the price is the most expensive.

9, LED size: different size of the LED, the price is different. Such as 0603 LED and 1210 (that is, 3528) LED, the price difference between the larger; and 1210 and 5050 specifications of the LED price difference between a step.

10, see LED lights with the surface cleanliness. If the use of SMT production process LED lights, the surface cleanliness is very good, do not see any impurities and stains. However, if the use of hand-welding process production of cottage version of LED lights with its surface no matter how cleaning, will remain stains and cleaning traces, and in the FPC surface will have flux and tin residue residue.

11, look at the packaging. Regular LED lights will be used anti-static coil tray packaging, usually 5 meters a volume or 10 meters a roll, and then outside the use of anti-static moisture-proof packaging sealed. And cottage version of the LED lights because of cost savings, and the use of recycled coil, and then there is no anti-static moisture-proof packaging bags, carefully read the coil to see the appearance of the label to remove the traces and scratches left.

12, look at the label. Formal LED lights with bags and coil tray above will have a printed label, rather than print the label. While the cottage version of the label is printed, while the specifications and parameters are not uniform.

13, see annex. Regular LED lights will be attached to the inside of the box with instructions and lamp specifications, but also equipped with LED lights with a connector or a deck; and cottage version of the LED lights with boxes without these accessories, because Some manufacturers, after all, can save the province.

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