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LED tunnel lights prospects and challenges

May 22, 2017

At present, in the tunnel lighting applications used in the light source, the high pressure sodium lamp because of its high apparent light efficiency (up to 120lm / w) and get a large-scale application, but the high pressure sodium lamp in the tunnel lighting or there are some difficult to overcome (Usually only 250W and 400W), especially in the internal section of the lighting, the high pressure sodium lamp on the one hand there is no smaller power, on the other hand, the strong point of the strong, the light source power range is limited Light caused by the glare and strobe more serious. In some long tunnels, straight tube fluorescent lamps have been used for better visual inability due to their higher color rendering and linear illumination. 


However, due to the short life of fluorescent lamps, they are usually only about 8,000 hours, and thus often need to be replaced , Greatly increasing the maintenance costs of the tunnel. In addition, the fluorescent lamp power is small, in the entrance section, transition section and exit section and other areas need a higher illumination can not meet the requirements. In recent years, with the immature lamp technology mature, due to the elimination of the electrode factors, the electrodeless fluorescent lamp compared to traditional fluorescent lamps have a longer life, can also be greater power, which makes the electrodeless lamp in the tunnel lighting The advantage. But the luminous surface of the electrodeless lamp is larger, and the optical efficiency of the whole fixture is low when the optical design is carried out. The LED tunnel lights can be said to be integrated high pressure sodium lamp, straight tube fluorescent lamp and electrodeless lamp of the various advantages of the current tunnel lighting applications is the best light source, its advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1) high light efficiency; Production of single-chip 1W LED light efficiency can reach up to 100lm / w or more, and because it is single-sided light, in the entire lighting system design process, you can do a high lamp efficiency. 2) long life; LED in a reasonable thermal design and power supply conditions, can have up to 50,000 to 70,000 hours of life, for 24 hours lighting tunnel lighting applications, can greatly reduce maintenance costs, and can shorten the return on investment period. 3) easy to light; LED light source due to the small size of light, single-sided light, the direction of light is very strong, which can easily match the lens or reflective cup, to achieve the ideal light distribution, not only improve the use of the entire lamp Efficiency, but also to ensure good uniformity. 4) lighting design flexibility; LED tunnel light is not only flexible in the power design, using 1W or so LED devices, according to the actual illumination requirements to change the number of LED light source to achieve the best energy saving effect, and because the size is small, The design is also very flexible, both can be made into a linear lamp to achieve better visual permeability, can also be designed into a rectangular light for the higher requirements of the entrance section, transition section and exit section. 5) intelligent dimming control; 


LED can be used to achieve the lamp stepless dimming, you can combine the brightness of the hole to dynamically change the brightness of tunnel lighting, LED tunnel lighting to give full play to the technical characteristics of LED tunnel lighting to further improve the energy efficiency, Intelligent tunnel lighting. Although the current large-scale application of LED tunnel lights there are still many difficulties and challenges, such as LED lighting product standards imperfect, some inferior products on the negative impact of marketing, LED tunnel lights the initial purchase cost is higher. These are to LED tunnel lighting products, large-scale market applications to bring pressure, but these pressures are any new technology and new products in the promotion of the initial application will inevitably encounter. However, with the further development of high-power white LED technology, LED tunnel lighting and thermal power as a whole system technology continues to mature, people's energy and environmental awareness to further enhance, LED technology will be in the field of tunnel lighting applications to create a new future of semiconductor lighting industry.

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