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Where is the high power bulb of the LED?

Jun 09, 2017

LED high-power bulb because of energy saving, environmental protection, longevity and other characteristics of its market prospects are considered broad, relative to the LED low-power bulb, high-power LED bulb light source concentration,

LED high-power bulb because of energy saving, environmental protection, longevity and other characteristics is considered a broad market prospects, relative to the LED low-power bulb, high-power LED bulb light source concentration, higher efficiency, brighter brightness. But the LED high-power bulb is still blurred positioning, cooling difficulties and other issues, then the development so far, LED high-power bulb status and prospects of what? What are the irreplaceable advantages, what are the shortcomings of the future improvement and development direction And where? This issue, let us together on the LED high-power bulb asked.

What is LED High Power Bulb?

According to Baidu Encyclopedia, LED bulb is the appearance of people already accustomed to the shape of the bulb, the internal light source selection LED lamp beads lighting products, which have all the advantages of LED lamps, such as energy saving, environmental protection, long life, no flash , Green health and so on. The high-power LED is a large rated current with the light-emitting diodes. Ordinary LED product power is generally 0.05W, working current of 20mA, and high-power LED products can reach 1W, 2W, or even tens of watts, the working current can be tens of mA to several hundred mA range. LED high-power reason why this is called, mainly for low-power LED, the high-power LED single power higher, brighter brightness, higher prices. So that when we search for "LED high power bulb", but can not find the relevant keywords annotations.

So, what is the LED high-power bulb? More than the number of watts of LED bulb is a high power category? This "big bubble" division of the standard is what ... ... with such questions, I interviewed the relevant enterprises However, it is surprising that the industry for the "LED high-power bulb" division criteria can not give a unified or definite answer, some companies believe that, in terms of its application area, more than 10W bulb You can belong to the high power category, and some companies believe that the power from the whole product, tens of watts of bubble can only be counted as "medium power" products, greater than 100W can be called the real "high power" , And the current market circulation is more common LED high-power bulb for the 24W, 36W, so there are some companies will be 24W as a division of LED high-power bulb range of the baseline, which there is a huge gap.

According to the relevant business person in charge, in the LED high-power bulb in the actual production process, companies often according to the customer's application areas and consumer demand to determine product specifications, and according to their technical capacity to adjust, to ensure product safety premise Under the balance of the two. Which will lead to different enterprises according to different needs of different specifications of the production of products, making the absence of authoritative standards in the case of their own "high power" is also a lack of clear awareness and positioning, the market appears complex LED large Power bulb specifications is not surprising.

"High power" there is no clear division of the standard

In Yichang market, sales of LED high-power bulb business is relatively small, individual businesses only sell 12W bulb. At present, according to the national standard, there is no too large size of the bulb, the market for the so-called "high-power" there is no clear division of the standard, so the current high-power LED bulb subdivision field is chaotic, chaotic.

Strengthen the publicity initiative

LED high-power bulb in the market segments, the current industry does not have a unified standard, the division of standards and price system are more chaotic. LED high-power bulb want to occupy a considerable share in the market, cost will become a key factor.

For LED high-power bulb marketing, mainly from two aspects: on the one hand, improve the quality of the product itself, strengthen the propaganda, the use of a variety of means to improve the LED high power bulb market share; the other hand, LED Industry competition is increasingly fierce, businesses in the promotion of LED high-power bulb must take the initiative. With the LED high-power bulb manufacturing technology continues to improve, the terminal application continues to increase, I believe the market sales will continue to rise.

2 .LED high power bulb "where" where?

It is understood that LED high-power lighting as a result of energy saving, environmental protection, longevity, light source concentration, higher efficiency, brighter brightness, faster response, low security, flexibility and other advantages, usually used in warehouses, Farms, toll stations, family gardens, golf courses and other large areas of lighting, but limited by the lack of certain R & D technology and production costs remain high, some manufacturers channel blocked, mainly concentrated in the project channel, was asked Market share, they reluctantly said: "LED high-power bulb has the advantage, but do not take the amount." So high-power bulb "volume" exactly where?

According to industry analysis, the future of high-power energy-saving lamps are replaced by the industry is irreversible trend, and LED high-power bulb is a great "replacement" products, but also "big bubble" to expand "useless" breakthrough The In other words, the application of high-power energy-saving lamps and LED high-power bulbs almost completely fit, and LED high-power bulb has an unparalleled advantage of energy-saving lamps, the market prospects of this segment will be very broad. And can not eat this piece of the market "cake", is the LED high-power bulb can improve the technology, improve production capacity and cost-effective.

At present, the lighting industry is in a violent shock and accelerated shuffle restructuring stage, the industry changes from the pain of intense competition, LED high-power bulb only won more market share in order to speed up the entire "replacement" process, and This will depend on the improvement of product quality.

As the future is talking about LED high-power bulb, said: "The market needs to guide, professional brand will come into being.LED high-power bulb temperature is relatively high, and the use of the environment most of the longer, so the product quality for the LED High power is the main point of the market a lot of engineering firms, customers dare not use the main reason is not assured of its quality, many projects in order to check the problem or the use of traditional energy-saving lamps in the tender, so the product promotion In the guide customer product knowledge, data, product selling point is very important.

Cost and light efficiency issues affect the channel development

At present, LED high-power bulb in the market acceptance is not too high, mainly due to low-end LED high-power bulb of the large number of watts, but the luminous efficiency is not expected, and high-end LED high-power bulb The price is relatively high, the cost of the problem will affect the broadening of the channel.

"Big bubble" market has not yet fully opened

LED high-power bulb in the replacement of high-power energy-saving lamps in the process of occupying a larger share of a certain market capacity, but at present due to heat, drive and price and other factors, LED high-power bulb is currently in the market also Not fully promoted. LED high-power bulb applications and the previous high-power energy-saving lamps in the field of basic fit, plant and warehouse is the main application. However, LED high-power bulb is currently only replace the product, compared with the integration of industrial and mining lamps, mining lamp is more beautiful, heat will be better. But the LED high-power bulb in the installation is more convenient.

Optimistic about the "big bubble" market development prospects

In the strong lighting professional sales of LED high-power bulb products, has been focused on the promotion of high-power LED bulb, at present, the strong lighting is very optimistic about the LED high power bulb market prospects, through a long customer survey found that consumers of LED High-power bulb products are still quite interested.

LED high-power bulb from the current sales point of view, LED high-power bulb has high brightness, low light failure, long life and other advantages, mainly in the plant, workshop, warehouse and other large places, consumers of its recognition Higher.

Prices are still down space market potential is considerable

We are now the main push Lulin Sen LED high-power bulb, the current high-power LED bulb market conditions fairly impressive. The current lighting industry price competition, LED high-power bulb prices are still down space, the replacement of high-power energy-saving lamps in the future market development trend, in the power, lighting, light efficiency, etc. have great advantages, customers Acceptance is relatively high, the market potential.

Specifically to do high-power LED bulb business is relatively small, most of them are as a series of products to produce. Improve the LED high-power bulb market share, mainly more publicity, to solve the cooling technology problems, improve product cost, the market acceptance naturally improved. The future, LED high power bulb with the market space will be growing.




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