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Lighting giant has been leading the way, you still wait and see?

May 03, 2017

November 2, Philips Lighting signed an agreement with millet to form a new joint venture. The new company will design and develop intelligent interconnected LED lighting products for millet intelligent home ecosystems, enabling Android to control lighting in Android and iOS smartphones.


The new joint venture is set up by Philips Lighting and Millet by 70%, 30% stake. The products developed will continue to be sold through millet retail channels.

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Philips Lighting for the global lighting industry leading enterprises, with the rise of Internet products and smart home, it has also become one of the earliest involved in intelligent lighting system manufacturers. Philips Lighting Most of the business focused on enterprise lighting solutions, such as architectural lighting systems, hotel lighting systems, office lighting systems.


Through the establishment of joint ventures, Philips Lighting and millet want to break out in the field of things, smart home and intelligent lighting occupy a place.


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