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Lighting tips: bedroom lights choose the whole Raiders

May 25, 2017

The bedroom is mainly sleeping, resting places, sometimes limited by living conditions, but also for work or friends and relatives. Bedroom lighting is mainly composed of general lighting and local lighting.

First, the bedroom of the general lighting


The general lighting atmosphere of the bedroom should be quiet, warm, pleasant, soft and comfortable. Those shining, colorful lamps generally should not be installed in the bedroom. As the owner of the age, culture, hobbies, the comfort and warmth of the views and standards will be different, the requirements of the bedroom lighting style is also different.

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At present, the bedroom lighting popular style are:

1, quiet and comfortable type

This is the main trend of contemporary bedroom lighting. The program is a variety of options: you can choose simple styling ceiling, the milk white light emitted, and the bedroom light-colored walls matched, a pure; you can use light eaves lighting, so that light through the ceiling or wall reflection, very soft and pleasant ; Can also be installed embedded dome light, with the people of the wall lamp, so that "sky" direct light and "hazy" auxiliary light complement each other, more elegant and warm.

2, luxurious style

Show the owner of financial resources and identity, the use of high-grade materials, high-end lighting and indoor luxury layout match. Such as gold candle lighting with Baroque style furniture, can show the French court weather, resplendent, dazzling. If the use of meticulous workmanship, materials stress, beautifully stylized high-level mahogany lamps, coupled with the ancient mahogany furniture, the bearing extraordinary, showing the owner of the rich national and economic strength.

3, modern avant-garde type 

The pursuit of free and free to geometric graphics, lines and mixed new lighting Chengdu, breaking the traditional concept, reflecting the sense of advance. The walls of the wall can be triangular, diamond-shaped, or irregularly shaped; table lamps can be semi-circular, linear graphics; spotlights have angular black and white; Birds, everything seems simple and chic, gives a surprise and unexpected. Coupled with simple lines of the bedroom furniture, showing the pursuit of modern ingenuity fun. As the bedroom is often both the rest and work two functions, rest need low illumination and work when they need enough illumination. To meet the two lighting function requirements, you can take two ways: one is equipped with high dimmer, control the brightness of the lamp; the other is a variety of indoor lighting control, according to the need to determine the number of lights.


LED sensor night light .jpg

the led human sensor nigt lights from luxsky lighting co.Ltd

Second, the bedroom of the local lighting 

Bedroom must consider local lighting, are:

1, desk lighting. Illumination value of more than 300LX, the general use of desk lamp lighting.


2, read the lighting. Many people like to lean on the bedside bedtime journalists journalists, so consider the use of table lamp or wall lamp lighting. Table lamp is characterized by mobile, flexible, and the lamp itself is a work of art, can give people the enjoyment of the United States, the light through the lampshade in the wall to draw a beautiful dynamic lines. The advantage of the wall lamp is through the reflection of the wall, so that the light can be soft.


3, dressing lighting. The illumination should be more than 300LX, dressing lights usually use warm-type lighting, light source to incandescent or three-color fluorescent lamp is appropriate, the lamp installed in the mirror above the visual field in the 60-degree angle, in order to avoid glare.

4, the sofa reading lighting, often using floor lamp lighting. Need to point out that, because the lighting in the electric light source is hot, live, starting from the safety, installed in the children's bedroom lamps must have a certain height, so that children can not directly touch the light source, and more appropriate in the children's bedroom, etc. Movable fixtures.

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