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Lights forced grid is not high, LED number is not the only standard

May 22, 2017

enon headlamps are not out of date, LED headlamps in the car has begun to spread. After the LED, laser lighting technology is lining up. For the pursuit of "forced" people, the xenon headlamps have been outdated, laser lighting and can not buy, LED just right. Measure the car headlamps good or bad, the number of bulbs is an important standard, the more the number of lighting the better, more significant grade. But the number of bulbs is not the only, or there are other "tall" standards.


Lights "forced grid" is not high, LED number is not the only standard

The whole car had to use LED: many new cars claim to have LED, but in fact only installed in the day driving, before and after the tail lights are still ordinary xenon headlamps. There are new cars claiming that the lights use the LED, but in fact only the rear lights used. Some new cars claim that the front lights use LED, but in fact only the low beam with LED, high beam is not. To enhance the grade, should the whole car are LED, not the car, but also including the car atmosphere lights.

With the steering steering: follow-up steering system can be adjusted according to different driving environment headlamps beam angle and intensity, can enhance the safety of night driving. Walking is a mature technology, but the cost is not low. Light LED is not enough, have to follow the steering function.

Anti-glare: anti-glare is not a fresh technology, the system can capture information from the front of the vehicle. When the incoming car, the system automatically reduce the headlamps of the brightness and illumination angle, to avoid the dazzling light on the other vehicle impact, while retaining the other angles of the lighting intensity. Anti-glare LED headlamps are quite mature, has appeared in the luxury car and part of the B-class car.

Matrix: Matrix consists of multiple light sources, each light source can be activated individually, closer to daylight lighting effects, efficient switching of lighting modes, and offers a variety of lighting modes, including high speed, common road, country, etc. The

Adaptive system: the system can perceive the surrounding environment, according to the different driving conditions, select the appropriate lighting mode. The new light adaptive system not only can take care of the car, but also take care of walking on the roadside pedestrians and bicycles, can switch lighting angle, to avoid dazzling lights on pedestrians and bicycles impact.




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