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Lower the cost? OSRAM will expand LED chip production line

May 12, 2017

Aldo Kamper, director of optoelectronic semiconductors at OSRAM Licht AG, Germany, has pointed out that despite the low profit margins of general lighting products, the company has found a strategy to enhance the profitability of general lighting products through the combined effect of OSRAM's own effects, So decided to expand the production line and reduce the overall LED chip production costs.

According to OSRAM's external strategy, to achieve in the fiscal year 2020, outdoor lighting and other general lighting applications chip revenue is twice the existing proportion, that is, to about one-third of the proportion. Expansion of LED chip production line, in addition to lower costs, but also allows the cause of the semiconductor business in the medium term to maintain the average level of more than 15%.

OSRAM announced it had to spend 3 billion euros, about $ 3.3 billion in research and development, as well as Southeast Asia Malaysia base Kulim cover new 6-inch LED production line, but some investors do not like this decision, when there was a considerable Stock price decline.

Aldo Kamper believes that the automotive lighting and electronics industry needs LED components, compared with the use of LED chip lighting, the former is still relatively high gross margin, but he estimated the lighting sales will be greatly enhanced, the greater the volume of the time , OSRAM out to the lighting application of LED chip costs will be reduced, for OSRAM has developed and specializes in the field of special market lighting, there will be a better profitability.

OSRAM has also been put into the wearing device device LED components, is to measure the blood volume within the blood vessels to monitor the state of mind, which is an integrated optical conduction sensor, for OSRAM, this is a relatively high margin Optoelectronic products. And OSRAM also made the famous wisdom bracelet Fitbit orders, such high-margin products built in the wisdom of the hand ring products, the future also have the opportunity to expand more medical and fitness opportunities



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