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OLED or will open a new generation of health lighting

May 10, 2017

Light, is an important condition for the development of biological survival, but also people observe the world, the world's most important way to understand. In the process of human civilization development, every technological innovation of the light source will be accompanied by the great changes of human life style. From the light bulb and the fluorescent lamp to the LED, it is verified that the emergence of the new light source is the earth-shaking change brought by human life.

In recent years, with the progress of the times, people's pursuit of quality of life is getting higher and higher, the traditional LED light source due to high glare, high Blu-ray and heat dissipation has been unable to meet people's quality needs, and after 20 years of experiment and research New light source OLED, much expectations and praise, or will open a new generation of healthy lighting.

OLED light source technology, is the most ideal lighting technology

The human eye is not only bright light, as well as color and saturation, in the professional field often use color coordinates, color rendering index and color temperature to determine the light source light quality.


Color plot

The x-axis represents the intensity of the red light, the y-axis represents the green intensity, the z-axis represents the blue-light intensity, and the larger the value represents the stronger the intensity of the light, the general definition (x = 0.33, y = 0.33 ) For pure white light. Suitable for people to light the color coordinates of the x-axis and y-axis values between 0.4 to 0.6, OLED light color coordinates range roughly after 0.4.

Color rendering index is to determine the difference between the degree of light and the performance of the sun, the value of the closer to 100, and the sun more consistent, indicating the better color rendering; and color rendering index of less than 80, generally not suitable as an illumination source, Will cause the color of the object according to the distortion. OLED light source color rendering index (> 95) compared to other artificial light source is currently close to the sun.

For the color temperature, it is related to light color, in the visible light, the higher the color temperature, indicating that the more blue, blue light is the strongest part of the visible light, if the light source contains more blue, the device color temperature also Will be higher; and high-energy blue light most likely to penetrate the human eye retina, causing macular lesions or even permanent damage.

LED .jpg

LED light source spectrum

White LED is the use of high-energy blue light to stimulate the yellow phosphor to get, because the blue LED components are more abundant, and bare LED light source brightness is often high, so there may be blue LED light hazard risk risks. The state has to introduce this time for the blue light of the mandatory testing documents GB7000.1 "lamps first part: general requirements and test", "since January 1, 2017 onwards, with a monolithic LED or LED module lamps Should be based on IEC / TR62778 for Blu-ray hazard assessment ".

LED LAMPS jpg.jpg

OLED light source spectrum

The OLED light source can be issued with different colors of light can be made of organic materials stacked, OLED color temperature is low, you can control the proportion of each color, and thus more friendly to the human eye.

OLED lighting features, subversive people's understanding of light

OLED lighting has been the strong domestic and foreign governments to promote and the major manufacturers of positive investment, not only because the light source technology to meet people's requirements for light quality, but also to subvert the people's understanding of light, opened up a new application areas. OLED lighting from several other important features, the main manifestation is as follows:


OLED light source and natural light is the closest, not dazzling, very beneficial to human health. It can be installed in the human eye within the scope of the direct, do not need soft plate or light guide plate to reduce the glare to stimulate, for example, OLED lighting panels can be directly embedded in the wall, such as works of art, look pleasing.


Designed by Schmitz Leuchten


Snowflake designed by David Marin


OLED color rendering index of up to 95 or more (near natural light), light quality is very good, on the one hand can be more real show the color of the subject matter, on the other hand is conducive to ease visual fatigue, protect eyesight. For example, the museum's colorful paintings, exhibits, in the OLED irradiation will show more vivid, and unique.


OLED for the thin plane light source (thickness <1mm), can achieve geometry, pattern modeling, the effect between the display and lighting, can also be customized design, help to explore innovative market applications.

LED LIGHT Sjpg.jpg

Football OLED designed by Simon Enever


Designed by Luminaire


Designed by Antonia Kuellmer


OLED light does not heat, cool to touch, with a variety of materials (paper, wood, etc.), a variety of products (furniture, home appliances, etc.) combination design, simple structure, to achieve folding, bending shape.


Designed by Ron Arad


OLED as a light conversion efficiency, do not need transformers, heat sinks, light guide plates and other parts, no secondary light source structure design, not only cost savings, and less waste generated, can effectively achieve energy saving.


OLED dimmable, multi-light color, easy to intelligent control, greatly improving the design of the degree of freedom. Especially in the Internet of things increasingly mature technology and technology trends in the development of cross-border, people are looking forward to more humane interactive experience, such as the mood can automatically control the brightness of space bright, cold and warm changes, I believe this is the replacement of lighting products To a new design opportunity.


Fire ring desigmed by Blackbody

Although the current OLED lighting is not dominant in the price, but OLED light source exclusive high-quality, efficient, is showing more and more development potential in the lighting environment requires a higher medical field, education, will gradually play out Its advantage effect.

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