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A minute to take you to know the world's most advanced intelligent street lights

May 18, 2017

"The 19th century is the era of the empire, the twentieth century is the era of the national state, and the 21st century will be the city of the times." According to the World Health Organization (WHO) predicted that by 2050, the urban population will account for 70% of the global population, The era of the big bang to come!

The population soared to the city and the people have pressure mountain, then dare to ask where the way? The wise man thought of - the city of wisdom. Speaking of the wisdom of the city, you have to mention the wisdom of the street lights friends. What is intelligent street light? It is in addition to lighting, but also according to environmental conditions, intelligent self-regulation, make full use of resources. Not only that, it can also come to the electric car charging, testing air traffic and traffic rules, is not very powerful?

LED Road light.jpg

Facing the future of the street

And street streets across the street is different, intelligent street lights do not rely on the traditional sodium lamp, but rely on light-emitting diodes or LED. First, LED lights consume less power. Second, the LED lamp life than the sodium lamp up to 5 times longer, which means to reduce waste and save electricity, so that the city's street lighting costs directly reduced by three quarters.

Intelligent lights to further play the advantages of LED lights, lighting equipment to adapt to its radius of 150 meters within the surrounding environment. The 24GHz radar chip developed by Infineon can detect whether there are goals - such as pedestrians or vehicles - close to the street lights and determine their travel speed. Infineon's XMC® controller series is responsible for controlling data evaluation.

led srteet light.gif

Illuminate the unknown road

Infineon developed the optical controller XDPL8220 is responsible for regulating the power of driving LED. In the synergy between the radar chip and the light source controller, the streetlight can illuminate when the target is close. The LED lights only when the target is far from the street light. At the same time, the chip can adjust the light to adapt to the prevailing weather conditions. In the snow or rainy days, LED lights were significantly higher than the brightness of the evening.

For the electric car plus enough energy

Another function of the intelligent street light is for the electric vehicle charging module. At present, Eluminocity has been in Munich, Chicago, Oxford and Eindhoven and other cities to install a number of integrated charging pile of intelligent lights. Once the electric vehicle battery power consumption, the driver can use the maximum 22kW power output for the battery charge.


Do not doubt that this charging process is quite simple. The driver identifies the identity by scanning the two-dimensional code on the charging pile. Then, the protective cover of the socket will automatically open, the driver can charge. As for the cost of charging, Xiao Bian said there is no pressure, just use the smartphone App can easily complete the payment.

In addition, Eluminocity smart street lights are also particularly intimate, it can identify free parking spaces, through the "cloud" connection to the relevant information passed to the driver. Not only help to save energy, save time, but also greatly ease the tension of the driver it. So Smart!

The security makes the lawless elements free of charge

In the Internet of Things (IoT), interconnected devices exchange data that contains sensitive information, including energy, traffic, personal or business information. In order to prevent these data into the hands of lawless elements, Eluminocity intelligent street light selection of Infineon OPTIGA? Series of security chips. The series of chips combined with the most advanced hardware security and encryption algorithms, security is higher than the simple software-based system.

smart light .jpg

Small partners, here, you find the use of many of Infineon's energy-efficient components, a simple street has been transformed into a versatile artifact! It is @Eluminocity and @Intel, Infineon builds everyone's Smart City, depicting a more convenient, safer, and more environmentally friendly future blueprint for everyone!


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