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LED spot lights composition of the structure

May 19, 2017

LED spot lights mainly by the shell, lamp beads, aluminum plate, drive composition, the specific analysis is as follows:

LED spot lights shell: paint, plating two shell package, including lamp cover, lamp cup, base, aluminum plate, lens, screw for MR16, GU10 lotus-like, beautiful, generous heat dissipation

LED Spot light beads: six feet RGB, spotlights dedicated, red: 40lm green: 60lm blue: 15lm are used 350 mA current

LED Spot light Drive:

Universal universal input voltage (220V) constant current output to ensure the safety of high-power LED power factor is high, more than 0.98 isolation power supply isolation voltage of 3000V over-temperature protection, short circuit protection, open circuit protection can drive all 3W LED (including red And the use of ceramic capacitors, long life design, up to 50,000 hours of high reliability The whole lamp can be tested through the safety test, isolation voltage of 3750V, through the EMC test small size 24mm * 18mm, with China and the United States patent.

LED spot lights heat:

1. Conventional methods

The use of ordinary heaters for LED lighting heat, thermal conductivity in general,

Can not be very good heat.

2. Liquid cooling

Foshan Zhongnan Semiconductor Lighting Research Institute has developed a liquid heat dissipation method to successfully solve the problem of high-power LED heating, small volume LED spotlight cooling problem, made a historic breakthrough for the LED spotlights to contribute to the problem of heat dissipation.

LED spot for Lliving room.jpg

Heat pipe heat dissipation

The use of heat pipe for the LED spotlights heat, like the computer CPU heat pipe cooling, so the volume becomes larger, more cumbersome.

Spotlight classification:

Most of the main MR16, which in the plug-type called MR16, according to the light foot distinction, also includes E27, GU10 and so on.

LED spot lamps.jpg LED spot light.jpg

Production Process:

1, cleaning: ultrasonic cleaning PCB or LED bracket, and drying.

2, the bracket: in the LED die (large wafer) at the bottom of the electrode prepared after the expansion of silver plastic, the expansion of the die (large disc) placed in the thorn crystal stage, under the microscope with a crystal pen to die One by one mounted on the corresponding pad of the PCB or LED holder, followed by sintering to stabilize the silver paste.

3, pressure welding: with aluminum wire or wire welding machine to connect the electrode to the LED die, for the current injection of the lead. LED installed directly on the PCB, the general use of aluminum wire welder.

4, the package: through the dispensing, with epoxy LED die and wire protection. Patching on the PCB board, the shape of the colloid after curing has strict requirements, which is directly related to the brightness of the finished backlight products. This process will also take on the task of phosphor (white LED).

5, welding: If the backlight is used SMD-LED or other packaged LED, then the assembly process before the need to LED welding to the PCB board.

6, cutting: punching die with a variety of necessary for the expansion of the film, reflective film and so on.

7, assembly: According to the requirements of the drawings, the backlight of the various materials manually installed the correct location.

8, test: check the backlight photoelectric parameters and light uniformity is good.

9, packaging: the finished product as required packaging, storage.

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