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Brief Analysis on the Future Development and Layout of Deep UV LED.

May 20, 2017

In recent years, UV LED with the product power upgrade and technical sophistication, because the long life, small size and other advantages have gradually replaced the lower power of the mercury lamp, while the international ban on mercury "Minamata Convention" since 2013, signed from the full ban Mercury time only 3 years, which is the next three years that the traditional mercury lamp products to replace all, this policy will accelerate the arrival of uv LED scale applications.

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In recent years, deep ultraviolet LED applications due to broad market prospects and huge added value is gradually considered a new growth point in the field of semiconductor and health care.

Uv-C LED product technology threshold is very high, regardless of the epitaxy, wafer technology, packaging and market acceptance are facing many challenges, but the research report shows that high-tech innovation for the characteristics of deep UV LED widely used, will become the world LED research and investment of new hot spots. It is estimated that in 2016 UVC LED sterilization and purification applications market output value of 28 million US dollars, 2021 will reach 257 million US dollars, the annual compound growth rate of up to 56%.

Market layout:

Upstream manufacturing process and production equipment, cutting-edge, the complexity of downstream application technology and cost reasons, making deep UV LED applications at home and abroad was slow. Market waiting for the outbreak, enterprises to speed up the layout. In recent years, the main strategic line of UV LED companies is from the capital to pursue a strong combination of force terminal:


1, OSRAM and HexaTech signed a strategic agreement

Recently, OSRAM and AlN single crystal substrate supplier HexaTech signed two strategic agreements. These agreements include long-term supply agreements and a number of HexaTech intellectual property (IP) licenses, which involve direct support of AlN (AlN) substrates as HexaTech's 2-inch (diameter) substrate development project. This will help OSRAM accelerate its UV-CLED device based on HexaTech materials, making OSRAM a major provider of high-performance optoelectronic technology offering a wide range of products from deep ultraviolet to infrared wavelengths.

2, Japan's Takayama will be deep UV LED wafer production lines and patents sold to Stanley Electric

Recently, the Japanese chemical factory Takayama and Japan's electrical equipment manufacturers Stanley Electric decided to expand cooperation in the field of deep ultraviolet LED, Takayama to maintain deep UV LED material research and development, and wafer production, packaging, and product manufacturing sales business, By Stanley Electric. Dehan's deep UV LED wafer production line and patents are transferred to Stanley Electric.

3, Guanghong Jingjing joint venture LED attack sterilization market

Last year in November, Taiwan LED factory light and crystallization of the expected group of brands, to enter the sterilization UVC LED market, the two sides have begun to use the new joint venture brand to expand marketing, estimated 2017 revenue generated contribution.

4, Formosa Petrochemical announced with the Japanese business equipment (Nikkiso) to develop UV-LED business

January 25, 2017, Formosa Petrochemical announced with Nikko Nikko (Nikkiso) to develop UV-LED business, the production of deep ultraviolet LED (Deep UVLED) grain and sales of deep ultraviolet applications, chairman Chen Baolang said , The cooperation case will focus on water sterilization, air sterilization, resin curing and analysis equipment.

The combination of these enterprises can be seen, UV LED LED market for the future trend of the overall trend of the market is based on the advantages of the chip itself, overtime to expand the terminal application market. In addition, Toyota synthesis, Nissin, Seoul Viosys, Ronda, harmony technology, Hongli Zhihui, the country Star photoelectric and other enterprises are also deployed in the field of deep ultraviolet.

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