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Are these exquisite home intelligent LED garden you seen?

May 20, 2017

There is no soil, water, light, the same can be at home cooking ", planting basin with a good nutrient soil, a special fertilizer and water ratio after the nutrient solution, the use of LED lights as light source, vegetable rack with watering and lighting Timer, just set a good time to fill the nutrient solution and fill light, you can be intelligent to complete planting.

"A folding frame accomplishes a family garden"

LED grow lighting.jpg

In the environmental degradation caused by food safety problems become increasingly serious, this use of LED as a light source of vegetable cultivation of the family garden gradually sought after, in the previous two years has become a foreign enterprise development goals, especially in Japan, the major developers, Home appliances, construction and other industries are using their own favorable conditions to step up this new format of the market layout.

Nearly two years, some of the distinctive small family intelligent vegetable garden has launched the market.

LED lights small vegetable garden, in your room to grow vegetables!

LIGHT GROW jpg.jpg


The use of the principle of symbiotic fish, combined with aquatic vegetables and fish farming, to create indoor self-sufficiency of the mini-ecosystem. The company, which continues to use the concept, continues to develop a self-circulating ecosystem, with LED lights, while using the concept of symbiotic fish, allowing users to grow vegetables indoors. Grove uses a fluorescent lamp that mimics sunlight to stimulate plants for photosynthesis. The ecosystem is mini, but the acreage can be denser than earth tillage, that is, an average of 8-10 cannabis can be harvested for an average of 20 days.

Japanese miniature eco-small garden, so you can enjoy the joy at home

small led GROW LIGHT .jpg

Foop is cultured through hydroponics, it built a special LED lights, adjust the fan and carbon dioxide sensor for the vegetables to create the most appropriate growth environment. But also with a special dish App, so that users at any time to monitor and adjust to the living environment of vegetables, the embodiment of small farmers. To the mature picking time, the phone will push tips to the user, so that they eat the freshest vegetables.

Angel Garden is a clean and private farm.

vegetable lights.jpg

Angel garden with water cultivation methods, clean and sterile; it with intelligent lighting system, the most suitable for the growth of plants LED light source, to create a high imitation of natural light, at the same time, it is equipped with drinking water safety level of nutrient solution, Provide adequate nutrition. In addition, you can use the combination of APP combined use, real-time control of plant growth status, understanding of the growth cycle and the best nutrition, remote monitoring of water level, more peace of mind.


In addition, it also has the fun of the function, so that the baby at home to participate in the cultivation of vegetable fun, to understand the growth of plants and other knowledge and training of grain are hard habits.

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