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Reverse light red LED irradiation grapes more than 75% power, fruit also increased by 1 into.

May 20, 2017

Do you know the rich and delicious giant peak grapes are more full by the light? China Taiwan Agricultural Committee Taichung District Agricultural Reform Center said that when the flowering with all-white or yellow light bulb irradiation, change mining backlit red LED, not only 75% power, fruit also increased by 1 percent.


Fruit kingdom "of China Taiwan, grapes juicy full and sweet, you know how to grow out of it? Taichung District Agricultural Improvement Center crop improvement class associate researcher Ye Wenbin said grape spring for shoots and flowering period is easy to suffer low temperature Such as the use of electric photos at night, but often need to cooperate with the plant growth strength to adjust, to promote the low temperature of the giant peak grape growth, and improve the fruit rate.


He said that the status quo is the use of energy-saving light bulbs do light, but Taichung District farmer change field study 4 years found that white or yellow light bulb is all light, if changed to only red, the effect will be better .

He said, with the LED lights will be able to only red light, can be in the flowering, each about 20 to 30 days, every day from 10 pm to 4 am, with "reverse red light LED" irradiation, fruit Tablets can be increased by 5% to 10%, each from 12 grams to 13,14 grams of weight; with leaves each tip will be 4 to 6 long, so that photosynthesis more Sheng, peel will appear purple, better.


Even the power-saving effect are big forward. He said, "anti-reflective red LED" can also be more than electricity-saving light bulbs and then 75%. For example, the current 23W power-saving light bulb erection spacing of 33 meters, 1000 light per hectare bulb, the use of reverse light 10W red LED light bulb erection interval can be expanded to 63 meters, only 500 bulbs per hectare, electricity costs Reduced by 75%.


He stressed that the use of the above technology can increase the overall income of electric cucumber grapes by 12% per hectare of about NT $ 300,000 in revenue, favorable favorable price of grape better.


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