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everywhere? LED plant lighting strong to this point!

May 20, 2017

Do not use vegetables?

Raise fresh vegetables with fresh heart.

A friend asked, now the soil pollution is serious, pesticide fertilizer heavy metal exceeded, where to find the land of vegetables? And how to ensure that the soil is bought to clean it?

LED luxsky light.jpg

In fact, can be used soilless cultivation (including rock wool, peat, vermiculite, perlite, bark, sawdust, water, etc.) and nutrient solution cultivation techniques. Not only to avoid soil pollution, pesticide pollution, haze days and other interference, and health clean, just watering nutrient solution can be, management is very convenient. However, the best match with the nutrient solution, but LED light source.

Vegetables do not need yard, only one square meter,

Easy access to farmer's satisfaction!

In the era of high cost of land, have their own garden is a luxury idea. From the North American Mel Bartholomew uncle, to break this limitation, invented a new planting method - a rice garden, its color is that only 20% of the space will be able to harvest 100% of the vegetables, while easy to manage , Save time and effort, only a small amount of space will be able to experience the fun of harvest.

LED vegetable light .jpg

One rice garden with the most interesting part of the plant, put in the planting box on the grid, each grid about 30 cm, the grid so that 1 meter vegetable garden is more clean, but also better organize the plant. In each grid to grow a kind of vegetables, according to plant size and growth habits, each grid can be kind of 1, 4, 9, or 16, so you get and farmers like satisfaction!

SquareFootGardening in the world set off a gardening trend, even the famous White House vegetable land is also a rice garden planting method.

Do not the sun

Can also be out of health?

LED artificial light to help!

Avant-garde farmers use LED lights technology, the lamp into a smart garden / garden, like this called "fruit fly ship" dual-use lamp. It can plant the spectrum of the need for growth and human needs of the spectrum of the human eye together, both to meet the growth of vegetables / flowers needs, but also as eye protection lamps continue to use, and the shape is also very good, is to cultivate children's fun helper.

GROW light.jpg

This planted eye lamp support plant vitality is the hydroponic system and low energy consumption of LED plant light source. Hydroponics to water as a medium, the fertilizer used by a variety of mineral nutrients (a large number of elements and trace elements) from the preparation. And it is also very intelligent, for example, plant lights every 12 hours intelligent switch on / off the working state, the water tank in the water every half hour intelligent open 5 minutes and so on.

Mini Artificial Light Plant

Let the family live in the spring.

The following is a new type of indoor planting system from the pawn technology, cited the concept of vertical planting, the growth of vegetables in the process of the various elements needed for all-weather intelligent monitoring and automatic control (light, water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, Nutrition, temperature, humidity), thus ensuring the maximum effect of photosynthesis. As a miniature artificial light plant, it can be based on the plant for different spectra of the "preferences", select the appropriate LED lights instead of the sun as a light source, 24 hours of continuous light, from "do not eat", eat On the fresh vegetables and fruits.


Do not want to take up limited living space

And want to make the eye green? Vertical garden come!

Often in the family of flowers and vegetables, the most common choice is potted, pots. If you do not want large and small pots to take up our limited living space, and want to live green everywhere how is it? The answer is to use vertical space!


A variety of modern style avant-garde vertical cultivation, in any place to meet your kind of flowers and vegetables kind of desire, even in the wall can also be high-profile appearance, a hanging in the room of a living art paintings.

In the moment, compared to mountains and rivers,

More and more people are happy to cultivate in the city,

This is an irresistible trend.

Ready to eat fresh vegetables

In the moment, compared to mountains and rivers,

More and more people are happy to cultivate in the city,

This is an irresistible trend.

Ready to eat fresh vegetables


Nature education in close proximity

For the children at home, it is not only a perfect place to grow healthy vegetables, but also an ideal environment for entertaining, children can learn science, ecology, botany, mathematics, and even art, design, language and logic , Of course, gardening knowledge, healthy eating habits and conservation of water, love the environment, self-sufficiency of the spirit.

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