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Lighting industry started smooth in 2017

May 23, 2017

Recently, the China Light Industry Federation held a quarterly economic operation analysis, including lighting, including a dozen light industry, including a quarter of the development of key industries were analyzed and discussed.

January-February, the lighting industry, industrial added value growth rate of 7.8%, with the light industry growth rate, higher than the national average growth rate; main business income growth rate of 7.6%, lower than the average growth rate of manufacturing 6 Percentage point; profit growth rate of 7.2%, lower than the average growth rate of the manufacturing industry nearly 20 percentage points.

Exports, 2017 two months ago, the traditional electric light source products exports continued to decline significantly, incandescent lamp exports fell more than 15% year on year, while the export value fell more than 35%, the export unit price fell very obvious. Incandescent products "gold tail" effect is gradually disappearing. Fluorescent lamp exports fell more than 20%, of which compact fluorescent lamps fell more than other types of fluorescent lamps, mainly from the rapid development of LED replacement bulbs. Fluorescent products export fluctuations, fixed lamp exports grew by more than 10%, removable lamp exports are still showing a downward trend, but the amount of exports grew slightly year on year.

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From January this year, the new LED bulb / tube product code (85395000), the first two months of export data, the number of LED replacement light source of the export volume, has been with the total output of fluorescent products flat, to 3 Billion, the export amount of $ 370 million. Among the major export destinations, the number of LED bulb / tube products exported to North America exceeded 25% of the total export volume, while the export volume accounted for 38% of the total export volume. The LED lighting products in North America were not only large, And the price is good, the average export price of more than 1.7 US dollars. And exports to Russia, LED replacement light source products, the average unit price of about 0.65 US dollars, exports to the Indian market, similar products accounted for 8% of total exports, but the average price of only 0.2 US dollars.


At present, the light industry manufacturing industry is generally integrated costs continue to rise, the profit margins are squeezed, including the lighting industry, including varying degrees of labor shortage problems, new production formats and new consumption patterns of traditional enterprises traditional channels The impact is obvious. According to China to coordinate research and understanding, lighting industry, large and medium-sized enterprises, the situation is good, the order is basically good, and traditional lighting companies in the transformation of LED production, continue to maintain dominance in domestic and foreign markets.

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