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UL released LED plant growth lamp standard-UL8800

May 23, 2017

The new UL published the first edition of the Plant Growth Lamp Standard UL8800 on May 4, 2017, which includes lighting equipment installed under the American Electrical Code and used in horticultural environments.


Standard structure:

 As with other traditional UL standards, this standard also includes the following sections:

1. parts

2. Terminology

3. structure

4. Protection of personal injury

5. Test

6. Nameplate and brochure

Compared to the traditional lighting standards UL1598, which mainly has the following special requirements:

Electrical Insulation Material:

Light insulation for direct exposure to sunlight or light from UV-A or UV-B radiation is required to meet UL1589 or UL746C UV testing.

Use of the environment:

Can only be dmap or wetlocation,

IP rating:

If the product indicates IP rating, it is required to be at least IP54 and evaluated in accordance with IEC 60529D,

Light biosafety: assessed according to IEC 2471Non-GSL Light souces.

Installation Notes:

Need to provide detailed instructions in accordance with the instructions, and in line with national electrical law requirements. And through the AHJ audit.

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