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"High IQ" traffic lights will be installed in the British city

May 26, 2017

Assembling artificial intelligence for traffic lights, or putting traffic pressure on peak roads. According to the British "Daily Telegraph" recently reported that the British economic center Milton Keynes announced a £ 3 million "smart traffic light" installation plan, is expected from the beginning of September will be intelligent lights installed within a year, then Early detection of traffic congestion, and notify the driver to change the route to ease the congestion pressure.


Lu Yang, chief technology officer of the cheering city lab, who is responsible for developing this smart light technology, said that the management level of existing urban roads "IQ" is very low and traffic lights can hardly make a judgment about the surrounding congestion. Command can only rely on artificial work out. To change this situation, the laboratory plans to install 2,500 intelligent cameras for traffic lights, manual operation will be upgraded to intelligent light management.

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The sensor inside the camera can cover a range of 50 square miles, so that it can clearly see the operation of all the busy lot and the parking lot. The intelligent lights will give priority to ambulances, buses and bicycles, so that traffic can be smoother and prevent congestion The "Intelligent camera can accurately identify and 'report' road use, to avoid cumbersome manual judgments, to reduce the occurrence of human error." Lu Yang said.


Through the existing management system to upgrade, both through the priority release, protection of bicycle cyclists and other vulnerable groups; can change the color of the lights, direct traffic to avoid congestion. In addition, intelligent traffic lights can also be in case of danger, timely warning, better protection of pedestrians and drivers of security, in the future with unmanned vehicles seamless docking.


"Smart City" is the future trend of development, from waste treatment to pollution monitoring, all urban public affairs will be used in the future sensor devices and large data. Milton Cairns took the lead, not only the installation of intelligent traffic lights to make the city traffic more smoothly, will also introduce intelligent technology for urban energy and water use management monitoring.

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