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What is the advantage of car lighting technology?

May 26, 2017

I do not know when, the lights become a lot of new car market publicity focus, such as the recent listing of several luxury brand new car, all in the lights under the foot of the article, the scientific and technological content is full - the new BMW7 Department Smart laser headlamps, the new Mercedes-Benz E-class long wheelbase car geometric multi-beam LED headlamps, the new Audi A4L LED matrix headlamps ... ... let us look at how powerful these lights.

Intelligent laser headlamps

The laser headlamp is not the kind of laser that is "blasting" in the movie, and it is not even bright at all. The principle is that the blue light of the laser light-emitting diode will pass through the fluorescent material in the headlight unit and convert it into A diffuse white light, bright while also more friendly to the eyes. Many people will be known as the laser headlamps following the LED headlamp "reasonable next step" because it is more energy efficient, more fuel efficient. And its brightness is included, including halogen headlamps, LED lights, etc., including a variety of light sources can not go beyond. For example, the ordinary halogen headlamps, its high beam light exposure is very limited, xenon headlamps can reach 150 meters, LED headlamps can reach up to 300 meters, and the current laser headlamps can be achieved 600 meters.

At the same time, BMW7 Department of laser light source will not affect other traffic participants, intelligent headlamps with light and lighting area automatically adjust the anti-glare function, you can automatically adjust the light to keep it from the opposite side of the car area.

Geometric multi-beam LED headlamps

It is composed of 84 independent LED, is the first high-resolution digital lighting system, if the other xenon lamp, ordinary LED headlamps like an ordinary person holding a flashlight, then the geometric multi-beam LED headlamp is equivalent to 84 times To 2, equal to 168 people holding 168 flashlights!

When the incoming car, 84 LED can be adjusted independently, and 100 times per second scan road traffic. When the front of the car or the front of the vehicle, the high beam module LED lights will be partially closed to form a U-shaped dark mode, as to the front of the car wearing a sunglasses.

When passing the signs, it can intelligently identify the traffic signs of the reflective, weaken its reflection glare. When encounter bad weather, through the computer to determine the flexibility in the rain and snow pavement to reduce the impact of ground glare, while avoiding the ground to shake their own and opposite to the car. When the corners are encountered, the low beam with the function of an electronic cornering can illuminate the corners before you hit the steering wheel and identify the obstacles early in the corners.

Matrix LED headlamps

This matrix LED headlamp consists of a low beam group and three high beam units. Low beam contains 11 LED light source, power consumption is only 20W; high beam from 12 LED light source and three reflection structure, according to road conditions for 64 adjustment, encountered when there is a car, Lights do not need to switch to near light, but can automatically cover the right of the car, so that the light does not affect the right of the car. Specifically, this set of matrix LED headlamps can automatically turn off a group of light sources to reduce the glare impact on the front vehicle, depending on the situation on the road and the opposite. Rely on matching with the MMI system navigation function, this matrix LED headlamps can also activate cornering auxiliary lighting before the vehicle turns over to provide a more comprehensive view.

LED light types are not all senior 

In the luxury brand spare no effort to promote, LED lights to become the brand to show off the vehicle high-tech, high configuration of the iconic pronoun, for the car, a mention with LED lights, the first reaction is - senior car!

In fact, LED applications in the car is very much, LED daytime running lights, LED headlamps, all LED lights, one or two words worth difference can be far worse Oh.


LED daytime running lights, 80,000 models have

Many manufacturers will have such a configuration: "equipped with LED daytime running lights", in fact, this is no use for the headlights, compared to the security brought about, more important is the aesthetic effect. Its role is not lighting, but in order to let the front and the vehicle to pay attention to the location of the vehicle you are driving, this is the most fundamental design of its original intention.


At the beginning of 2011, the EU stipulated that all new cars produced in the territory must be fitted with daytime running lights, so we now see 100% of the new cars imported from Europe with daytime running lights, Japanese, Korean, and many Joint venture models are also standard, and now about 80,000 yuan models are basically configured, such as Po Chun 560, Beiqi magic speed S6 and so on.


LED headlamps, dropping 150,000 level models:

Special note is that here said the LED headlamps, refers to the use of low-beam light source, high beam is still a combination of halogen lamps, both part of the LED lights. The main reason is that the LED far-light condenser effect is not very good, the optical system is not optimized for LED light source design, simply, or to reduce costs.


At present, the budget of about 150,000 can buy LED headlights, such as Ling sent (top with), Geely Bo Rui (in high with).


Full LED headlamps, into the 200,000 models configuration single:

All LED headlights refers to the headlamps all the light are used LED, near light, high light are LED. As early as 2008 Audi will be in the R8 to achieve the full LED headlamps, including far and near light, steering, daytime running lights and all the lighting features all use LED light source. 2013, Mercedes-Benz released a new S-class, the whole LED headlamps to a higher level.

However, the whole LED headlamps are also divided into three or nine, etc., to distinguish between the number of LED stars, whether multi-point lighting function, adaptive high beam auxiliary function, the current all-LED headlamps have been configured in the new MAGOTAN, Such as about 200,000 in the high with models.


With the further decline in LED costs, I believe that will not take long, we are in compact models and small cars will see the LED headlamp this configuration. On the other hand, when the LED headlamps civilian, the luxury brand is bound to come up with higher technology configuration, such as "laser headlamps", "OLED" has already begun to enter the BMW, Audi high-end models in the configuration table.

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