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Commercial lighting intelligent application is facing a breakthrough

May 26, 2017

With the advent of precision commercial lighting, the pursuit of light color can be described as a new stage.

Not only requires high CRI color reproduction, but also requires high GAI expression of bright colors, at the same time for different business scenarios or photos taken by different light color to achieve better results, especially in multi-function display space, exhibits or Photos will be replaced at any time. In this process, the color temperature adjustable intelligent lighting technology for this demand provides a great convenience.

As early as two or three years ago, some shrewd commercial lighting manufacturers on the smell of this opportunity, at the show through the color temperature contrast, the scene show, emphasizing the different light color on the impact of the performance of the object properties. Although from the downstream to the middle of the package, many companies are in full swing in the layout of related products, but so far, excellent color temperature adjustable smart lamps are still Pan Shan Chen.


So what is the current demand to the node? The future of such products application prospects? Aladdin News Center special interview with high-end business license manufacturers and interior lighting designers, from their cutting edge point of view, adjustable color temperature light on the business The application value of lighting.

The demand for color temperature in the business will be increasing

Among them, the famous city of Shenzhen City lighting technology company chief designer Zhang Qingjiang said, two-color temperature dimming for front-end and end customers have practical significance. On the one hand can enrich the space color, to meet the business consumer psychology; on the other hand, customers can also meet the diversity of space needs. And this demand is increasing, because now the user's needs and requirements are getting higher and higher, and a commercial space is the soul of the perfect light against the background.

commercial light .jpg

Unfortunately, the current color of the two-color light-modulated light source is still not high enough, there is a spot noise, light color is not equal. Look forward to the manufacturers can be combined through the circuit module to achieve color temperature correction, reduce color oscillation, increase the color temperature adjustable range.


And inspiration time lighting design (Beijing) Co., Ltd. founder Yang Xiaoming also said that the application of adjustable color temperature lamps certainly meaningful, you can give the design greater play space. But must be designed in line with the needs of customers to give them a more 

profound meaning, if the price is reasonable, the scope of application will be great, such as multi-functional display space.


Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China's classical lighting club interior lighting designer Luo Zhigang also affirmed the application of color temperature adjustable light source, he said, color temperature adjustable light source for lighting design, there can be more user experience, so will There is a certain market demand. At the same time, he pointed out that the current market, the two-color temperature dimming light source products are not rich enough, can not cover the entire indoor lighting needs, and intelligent control integration to be improved.


"Two-color temperature for the lighting design will make the design is not really stiff, and warm and warm than RGBW more engaging, more content. According to the different season using cold and warm colors, the design effect is more humane, and the future trend is also great, Dimming is not only useful for outdoor night, the indoor lighting to bring more experience and choice in recent years, the series of products will show explosive growth. "Xiamen Shi Knight Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. lighting designer Wang Yao to Aladdin News Center reporter Talked about.


He also admitted that the stability of the system, the uniformity of the mixed light and the ease of operation need to be improved. Because now with the control of the product, in addition to young people can easily get started, for the elderly and children also need to be better use (color temperature for indoor growth is very large).


A leading domestic manufacturers also said that the color temperature adjustable lamps are more services in the customized products to meet the needs of personalized display. Product development function integration, application of intelligent, such products will be more demand in the future.

commercial lamps.png

Color temperature adjustment can be expected but the light quality is worrying


Mr. Yuyue Nong, Design Director of YuYu (Shanghai) Lighting Design Consulting Co., Ltd. from a professional designer's point of view, very detailed analysis of the application of such products, he said: "Most of the time as a consumer we want to choose more Well, but when faced with technology, especially in the professional and technical aspects, leaving the consumer too much choice is not necessarily a happy situation, because consumers do not know how to choose, let alone understand the expertise behind , Why are these choices?

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