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Foreign launch of a home LED agricultural lighting products

May 26, 2017

Recently, the emergence of a foreign market called Herbert's new concept of agricultural lighting products, which consists of planting systems, irrigation systems, APP control system and other systems.

LED growth light.jpg

According to the product development team, Herbert uses biodegradable sponge to replace the soil, the user needs to self-watering fertilization, and use the matching mobile phone APP to control the lighting time, intensity, irrigation adjustment, the LED lights can be filled with indoor lighting Lack of strength.

SMART  light .jpg

It is reported that the use of Herbert cultivation of plants can greatly enhance the growth rate, the original room in the ordinary case of 2-3 months to mature vegetables, the use of Herbert after 2-3 weeks can be harvested.


In addition, Herbert also consider the issue of energy saving and environmental protection, the product size is 82 * 56 * 11.5cm, can be planted at the same time 15 kinds of plants, the overall power consumption of 65 watts.

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