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Do you really understand the plant light? ---Plant Light Elements and Their Measurement Techniques

May 26, 2017

Guidance: Because plant growth has certain requirements on the optical parameters of light environment, and different plants absorb light is also different, so the need for specific plant growth needs of the corresponding lighting products, and the use of advanced measurement technology and equipment To achieve the detection of plant light environment.

In recent years, with the rapid development of facility agriculture, more and more research on plant lighting products, and led light source with its low power consumption, small size, can close the advantages of plants, etc., in the field of plant lighting has been widely used The Because plant growth has certain requirements for the optical parameters of the light environment, and different plants absorb light is also different, so the need for specific plant growth needs and the use of the corresponding lighting products, and the use of advanced measurement techniques and instruments to achieve plant Detection of light environment.

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Plant growth & light environment

To determine whether the light conditions provided by plant growth are high quality, but also from the following four aspects: light quality, optical density, light uniformity, day long.


Light quality

Light quality, that is, spectral quality. The different spectral components of light fixtures have different effects on plant growth. For example, red light can promote the growth of plant stems. Blue violet light contributes to the formation of fruit. Therefore, according to plant growth demand,

Optical density 

Is the light of the plant as good as the answer? As we all know, plants have hi light plants and shady plants of the points, which is mainly due to plant light saturation point is different. When the light intensity reaches the light saturation point, the plant photosynthesis reaches the peak; if the light intensity continues to increase at this time, the photosynthesis starts to decline, and the light suppression phenomenon causes the plant to be damaged. The optical density of the plant light is characterized by the photon flux density ppfd, unit umol.s-1.m-2.



Light uniformity

Led light source has a strong direction, so in order to ensure a better plant morphology, for the plant growth environment for light uniformity design is very important; mainly including light color uniformity design and spatial radiation consistency design.

Day long

As with humans, plant growth also has its biological rhythm. Plant photosynthesis in fact, including light and dark reaction of two categories; which dark reaction does not require light conditions, therefore, so the night can not provide too high light conditions, or plants can not rest at night, affecting the dark reaction.

Lighting product selection

The choice of lighting products should be based on the needs of plant growth. It was found that the plant's wavelength absorption was wavelength selective, and the most commonly used plant photosynthetic curve was the rqe curve proposed by mccree in 1972.


Plant light detection program

Based on the strong dependence of plant growth on light conditions, it is very important to achieve on-site monitoring and measurement of plant growth conditions. The remote pla-20 plant light analyzer is a professional measuring device designed for accurate measurement and analysis of plant light. It is equipped with a number of patented technology to protect the mobile spectrum measurement technology, while ensuring high precision while achieving millisecond measurement; , 350-800nm wide measurement range to meet the needs of different plant measurement applications; the equipment design is compact, easy and convenient to apply to a variety of plant lighting in a variety of light measurements, such as lighting analysis, monitoring, research and exchange Wait.


Functional advantage

The equipment integrates powerful data processing functions, combined with the measurement, analysis and comparison of various plant light parameters in radiometric system, photometric system, plant photometric system and photon quantum system. The measurement parameters include photon flux density ppfd, photosynthetic radiation intensity ep, chlorophyll a / b weighted irradiance, blue - violet irradiance, red - orange radiance and so on.

350-800nm ultra-wide plant light band measurement, can analyze the amount of light in any band to meet the needs of different applications; research shows that in the plant growth process, about 350nm ultraviolet light and about 800nm infrared radiation on plant morphology Has an important role, and the ordinary 380-780nm visible light detector can not meet the needs of plant lighting test, therefore, the instrument uses 350-800nm wide band as a plant light detection range to meet the needs of greater application.


Absorbance Curve of Different Pigments in Plant Growth

The use of stray light correction patented technology to enhance the handheld spectrum color irradiometer measurement accuracy;

equipped with 4.2-inch display, easy to view a variety of plant parameter measurement results; data can also excel, jpg or other format export, easy to view and edit;

The probe is detachable and communicates via Bluetooth or wireless connection. At the same time, the host computer software is equipped with richer analysis function, such as analyzing the time constant of illumination, analyzing the light demand and analyzing the live light transmittance of the greenhouse.

Variation of light over:

In short, the emergence of pla-20 for the realization of intelligent detection of plant light provides a great convenience, can be widely used in plant plants, vegetable greenhouses, flowers and other plant lighting in situ measurement, and then for plant growth to provide better lighting conditions, Promote the development of modern agriculture.

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