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Russia, Kazakhstan vigorously build LED lighting greenhouse

May 26, 2017

With the development of science and technology, LED is no longer limited to building lighting and home lighting use, scientists according to the principle of LED lightwavelength, developed its new uses, such as vegetable greenhouses.

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Russia's northernmost Yakut is one of the coldest regions in the world, where the land is almost all permafrost, the coldest January and the hottest July between the temperature difference of up to 70-75 , many Plants can not grow here, where residents are hard to eat fresh vegetables. However, with the promotion of LED lighting greenhouse, this phenomenon will be improved.


It is understood that, by a commercial company and Yakut scientists are working together to build LED lighting greenhouse, the use of unique science and technology projects, will be completed by the end of 2017 construction. At that time, residents of the Yakut area will be able to eat vegetables or fruits of the local estate.


Yakut researchers say they develop LED plant growth equipment and management systems that can help grow plants in the greenhouse, depending on the characteristics of the red and blue wavelengths of LED lamps, which can make plant growth no longer affected by climatic conditions. At present, Russia has three Academy of Sciences and Botanical Garden of this technology expressed a keen interest in different climate conditions, LED light on plant growth to promote the role of research.


Yakut's other greenhouse laboratory began production in December 2016. Yakutsk is the capital of Yakut, according to Yakutsk mayor, Yakut whole-season greenhouse project raised in the Far East Economic Forum, attracted a wide range of interest. "Next year, investors are also planning to build a large 3.5-hectare greenhouse complex, which is a major project that hopes to be implemented by 2020."

In 2016, a Japanese business delegation visited Yakutsk to study the construction of a greenhouse that could grow vegetables throughout the year.


Russia's greenhouse project has just started, Kazakhstan's greenhouse project is the initial results.


Recently, Kazakhstan's largest LED lighting greenhouse has been completed, the Kazakhstan state-owned companies to invest 20 tenge in South Kazakhstan construction, since 2014 began construction, put into use about the local provision of 140 jobs.


In Kazakhstan, a total of 10 greenhouse complexes have been put into use within the framework of Kazakhstan, with a total area of about 31,400 square meters, worth $ 58.6 million, producing 22,000 tons of vegetables per year.

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