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What is the difference between LED garden lights and landscape lights? There is an answer today!

May 27, 2017

The vast majority of people always thought that LED garden lights and landscape lights is almost the same thing. Listen, is almost the same thing. But today there is a netizen asked me to be ashamed of the problem, he asked: "LED garden lights and landscape lights the same? If the same, why separate two calls? But if not the same, where the difference?

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LED garden lights for the narrow lane, pedestrian, small square to provide lighting garden lighting, garden environment is the most commonly used lamps.

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Landscape lights to compare the appearance of the appearance of the appearance of lighting and night lighting effects of the characteristics: Tingyuan lights more concerned about the appearance of the lighting and the effect of the night lighting. Landscape lights, the appearance of the choice of garden lights should pay attention to the style of the garden or the theme of harmonization.


Landscape lights spacing is generally 15-20 meters, the actual size and illumination according to the light to determine. District courtyard lamp layout should be avoided in the vicinity of the first floor of the household, so as not to cause light interference to the residents.

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