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Domestic first plant luminous plant cultivation success, is expected to replace part of the lighting facilities?

May 27, 2017

Recently, China's Yunnan team of scientists in the country for the first time successfully cultivated luminous plants, scientists through biological engineering technology, the marine light microbial genes into the tobacco plants in the plant, after plant tissue culture and screening, obtained the luminous plants , To fill the gaps in China's technology, the technology for the further application of the country laid the foundation.

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The main leader of the project, Yunnan Nabo Technology Duan Kang said: "In the past, bio-engineering planted luminous plants must be in the blue-violet light to wear glasses to see the fluorescence, or by adding luciferous substrate to achieve a short luminescence, light The intensity of the naked eye is not visible, can not shine at night.


"Even in the ordinary plant surface spray phosphor to short-term luminous effect, these are not real luminous plants, and we cultivate this plant is completely different, it can continue in the dark conditions of self-luminous, brightness can reach the level of stars , To illuminate a certain range. "It is understood that the world's first luminous plants, the United States Bioglow company in 2014 to cultivate, named" Star Avatar. "


"The key to obtaining this ability lies in the fact that marine luminescent bacteria are very difficult to obtain their complete luminescent genes. Another key is the successful introduction of the luminescent genes into the chloroplast genome of plant cells. There is only one set of nuclear genomes in a plant cell, But there are hundreds of chloroplasts, each chloroplast which has hundreds of copies of the chloroplast genome copy, making each plant cells have nearly half of the chloroplast genome copy, then let the plant light has become a possible. "Duan Kang further added

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It is understood that the light genes such as fireflies, short tail squid, deep-sea angler fish and other genes into the plant, so that plants can be self-fluorescent, difficult to implement, and even some genetically modified biological giants try to be difficult.


Guangxi Normal University, a researcher Ran Hao that the technology has a wide range of applications. He said that the international use of luminous plants to carry out urban lighting has been discussed, and individual teams have made progress. "In the daytime, there are no differences between the appearance of the plant and the ordinary plant, only when the night will come to light. At least in the absence of light lighting where the luminous plants are expected to replace part of the lighting facilities to reduce energy and equipment consumption, also Can create a special night effect.


In fact, in 2015, the United States a synthetic biology technology company Genome Compiler also developed a self-luminous plant Glowing Plant, their vision is to hope that the trees on the roadside as the street lights as self-luminous, and become a new generation of environmental protection Energy-saving lighting body.


In this regard, Duan Kang said, also need to do a lot of work to do. The next step in the team is to further improve the brightness of plants at the same time, declare the agricultural sector to assess its environmental safety, after the adoption of the technology will be applied to flowers, meat and other ornamental plants to go.

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