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How to play new height in the OLED industry.

May 31, 2017

OLED lighting unique light, can be soft, no heat, low power consumption, no flicker and other advantages, coupled with the major lighting manufacturers in recent years to participate, and now, OLED has begun to enter the home lighting industry. OLED is so rapid development, not because of the upgrading of lighting, but with energy consumption, sustainable development is closely related, in addition, is closely related to the quality of life and health factors.


1, healthy dressing lighting

lamps jpg.jpg

The first thing to get up early every day is to dress up and prepare for a new day. Especially women, spend about half an hour a day "on the mirror applique yellow", so dressing lighting for them is essential.


Make-up often need to face the mirror for a long time, if the light contains blue radiation, a long time may give the eyes or facial skin caused some damage, and even bring disease problems. Dressing lighting should choose skin health and healthy light, if the light source can also prevent cosmetics, skin care products such as high temperature exposure and deterioration, then it would be better. In the existing lighting products, perhaps only OLED lighting can meet this requirement.


OLED not only to meet the health requirements of skin care, it is also the most natural light, more easily female makeup out of the most natural makeup.


2, convenient wardrobe lighting

lighting for clothes .jpglighting for clothes .jpg

After the dressing naturally pick a suit for clothes, but the wardrobe space is small, dark light, every time in the selection of clothes have to spend some effort. At this time, if you can in the cabinet wall or in the cabinet corner paste an OLED lamp, light OLED lamp will not take up 

wardrobe space, but also illuminate every corner of the wardrobe. And the OLED panel continued to light the temperature below 36 ℃, will not damage the clothes material, even if accidentally touched the light will not cause burns.


3, safe cabinet lighting

cobite lights.jpg

Work for a day, after get off work the first thing is to do a sumptuous dinner, reward their own "stomach". For the eyes that have worked hard day, kitchen lighting has become particularly important. If only in the kitchen to install a ceiling lamp, although the light source is sufficient, but can not shine to every corner, especially in the cut vegetables, cooking because of dark light, there are shadows, can not safely and effectively.


If the bottom of the cabinet to install OLED lights, these problems will be able to solve one by one. Because OLED for the surface light source, the light is soft and uniform, no shadow. In addition, OLED is called "the most honest light", color rendering index of the most natural light, can truly reproduce the color of food, so that people in the kitchen will feel more relaxed and happy.

4, intelligent living room lighting

livingroom lighting jpg.jpg

Eat the perfect beauty "class candle" After dinner, in the living room with the family to watch the hit "Happy Song 2" or accompany children to play ... ... At this time, you can also adjust the brightness of intelligent OLED lights to take into account the different needs of the use. Watching TV, the OLED lamp color temperature adjusted to 2000K or so, the dark light can create a cinema atmosphere; and children play, the OLED lamp color temperature festival to about 3000k, light light gives a comfortable, natural sense Outside, it will not hinder the generation of melatonin, beneficial to sleep.


Not only that, OLED light and soft, but also according to the home decoration style to install 

multi-shaped OLED lights, and OLED for the distributed flat solid light source, without the need for LED light guide plate combination, do not need to add shade, its own OLED panel It can be used as a lamp. So, no longer need to install the living room chandeliers and the cost of drilling on the ceiling line, thin OLED lamp or even double-sided adhesive can be easily fixed on the wall.


5, the personality of the study lighting

office lights .jpgoffice lights .jpg

A good day of the day is coming to an end, many friends like to see the book before going to bed, relax at the same time can self-charge, so the study room decoration and lighting needs more in line with personal taste. A piece of artistic, symbolic OLED lights, but also allow readers to refreshing.


Based on OLED is the use of organic polymer materials, organic polymer materials, mechanical strength, high flexibility, flexibility, if you have a unique idea of lighting modeling, or even have a custom OLED lamp. In addition, OLED light source is relatively soft, no flicker, can reduce the long-term visual fatigue with the eye.


With the change of life style, people's understanding of light and understanding more and more in-depth, the quality of home lighting requirements are getting higher and higher, recognizing that light is not just "lighting" and "see", it is a healthy quality of life And lifestyle also have a great impact, and even affect the future of sustainable development of society.

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