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Take you into a wide range of LED corner lights

May 31, 2017

As the current corner of the light source in the constant innovation and development, so more and more to meet people in the lighting requirements. Corner lights use the most basic of course can be issued soft light, no radiation, maintenance is relatively more convenient. Naturally corner lights in real life is widely used in hospital wards, squares, gardens and street lighting.


Since today here for everyone to mention the basic definition of the corner lights, of course, we have to specifically tell you about the use of corner lights and other related information, so that everyone can better understand the corner lights, if you want to buy it can be considered Pad a certain knowledge base.


Corner lights in the field of lighting should be called into the wall lights, in the indoor installation time to 0.3M is more appropriate, the light source is usually used energy-saving lamps, incandescent, with the progress of technology, has begun to use a large number of LED lights as It has a light, low temperature, low power consumption, protection class IP64, red, yellow, blue, green, white, colorful discoloration , The use of cast aluminum, tempered glass for a small amount of activities at night, such as to the bathroom; but the night to open the ordinary light will affect others to rest, so set the corner lights, the general hospital wards are equipped with. Also suitable for square, garden, street lighting Wait.

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LED corner lights role:

1. on the family bedroom: with her, do not have to wake up the switch headlamps. The middle of the night to get up, from a body will be able to light, convenient power!


2. Can also be placed in the home, closet, staircase, where the plug with the head can be used.


3. Installed in the bathroom: do not frequently switch headlamps, there is a light, go away will automatically turn off the lights, save money.


4 home no electricity, with her, cooking, eating as usual.


5. Students good partner, no electricity, learning is not wrong; bedroom in the middle of the night will not affect others, light, compact is the ideal auxiliary light source. No heat radiation (low heat) does not contain mercury, lead and other harmful metals. No UV, will not cause harm to health.

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LED corner lights Features: 

Low power consumption, easy installation, modeling chic elegance, anti-leakage, waterproof; low-power, low power consumption,


1, LED light source long life, no accident almost no need to change the lamp, a construction, use for several years.


2, low power consumption, without the need for lighting, landscaping and pay a high amount of 



3, waterproof, dustproof, pressure and corrosion resistance


Corner lights use: good security


May be a lot of friends at home decoration is hesitant to install the corner lights, I told you if the elderly at home is necessary. So here I first want to introduce the corner lights use is safe, at night want to drink a glass of water or go to the toilet, open the headlights, then not only to explore the switch, but also because the light is too bright because the headache will affect the other head People rest. The corner lights are relatively more convenient, especially now the induction LED corner lights use is good, can be automatically based on the location of the human body sensor, so a lot of safety and convenience.

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Corner lamp Uses: practical

Used a corner of the lamp friends should be able to know the use of corner lights, its practicality is a major highlight. Now for a lot of aisle will be used on the decoration of the corner lights, it can drive around the light and the human body sensing, popular point is that the light when it will be bright, should not be bright when the natural not bright. Now a lot of corner lights of the light source are used LED, and LED is a green light source, low heat and no flicker, no radiation, no pollution of the cold light source, there is no filament light burning, light failure and other shortcomings, so Life is also quite long.


Corner lights use: low power consumption

Lighting power consumption has now become an important indicator when people buy lights. Good lighting in the power consumption is very low above, thus helping you save a fee is also excellent. The use of corner lights just to meet people at this point of the request, it is small, low power consumption, whether it is installed above or in the use of the above are more convenient, while corner lights use a very important function Is to be able to prevent leakage and waterproof, no accident, almost no need to change the lamp, a few years of construction are no problem, the key is low power consumption, without the need for lighting and pay a high amount of electricity.


Corner Lamp Specifications

Understand the definition of the corner lights, know the corner lights use, then the next course is the relevant parameters of the corner lights for everyone to do an introduction, so as to better understand the full range of corner lights related information. Corner lamp size is generally 86mm outer diameter, height 86mm; light source is mainly used in the LED, the material for the flame-retardant PC material, ABS flame retardant plastic than the more secure; its specifications are generally shell length: 94 * 94mm, Thick: 30mm, lamp body length: 83 * 83mm, weight 0.2KG, its general life span of 40,000 hours. Of course, these are a basic reference to the data, according to the corner of the brand and the different material may be some differences are normal.

Lighting is a special sense of strong, not only related to our daily needs, but also play a decorative effect, so sloppy, but many people in the time to buy lamps often fall into the misunderstanding, especially the hotel LED corner lights, the following share Buy the common four major errors.

 LED  cabinet linear lights .png

Lack of lighting knowledge, the hotel LED corner lights light election "see the eye"

Lighting is a technology. A considerable part of the user lack of knowledge of lighting lighting expertise in the purchase of hotel LED corner lights, usually only concerned about the appearance, energy efficiency and power size, as the hotel LED corner lights lighting, color temperature, color and other related lighting Whether the environment is healthy, little is known about it. In fact, too strong or too weak light intensity, inappropriate color temperature, color, easy to make people feel irritable, depressed mood, serious words will cause harm to the human body, such as vision loss, dizziness, insomnia and so on.


No prior planning, decoration hotel LED corner lights and then select the lights 

Hotel LED corner lights how to install, switch socket installed where to choose what kind of control ... ... Hotel LED corner lights are not installed that can be installed, not only related to the overall planning of space lighting, but also involves the transformation of the circuit. Chaos of a pass, not only the house looks not beautiful, and too much or too little light will affect the comfort of home life, and even affect the physical and mental health.


Want to make the hotel LED corner light cloth light becomes more reasonable and scientific, we must make plans in advance. If there are some lights are not sure if necessary, such as mirror front lights, wardrobe lights, night lights, wall washer, it is best to pre-buried a thread, there is a way to install. Otherwise, wait until the end of the hidden project and then installed, may be more trouble.


Wall hotel LED corner lights only focus on lighting, ignoring the decorative

With the development of society, the hotel LED corner lights are no longer just a lighting glowing electrical appliances, but also a good hotel decorations. Good hotel LED corner lights in addition to bringing the user a scientific, reasonable and healthy light environment, it is representative, to show the user aesthetic and a quality of art. Is usually selected as the main light of the hotel LED corner lights, the roof of the roof of the decorative effect is self-evident; wall lamp, LED adjustable light is hanging on the wall of a landscape; corner of the small chandelier, floor lamp or Lamp, in creating a richer light source at the same time, but also to create a warm, romantic atmosphere of the room: wall washer, painting lights ... ... these ordinary consumers of fresh lamps, in some high-end hotels, villas have been lights The designer works as an important light effect tool.


Only pay attention to "days" on the lights, ignore the "ground" on the lights

"Day" lights are mainly said to be mounted on the top of the house lights. General family in the ceiling decoration, will be part of the plan with the light into the plan. "Ground" lights mainly refers to the LED corner lights. From the night, if you open the ordinary lamps, too strong light to stimulate the eyes, will affect the next sleep, switches, etc. is not convenient. While the LED corner lights give soft light to make people quiet, comfortable eyes, does not affect the continuity of sleep. With intelligent sensor LED corner lights without manual switch, will be in the night when the activities automatically issued soft, convenient and does not affect the family rest. Hotel LED corner lights are particularly suitable for children, the elderly family use.

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