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Analysis of 10 major LED applications

May 31, 2017

Research report shows that the global LED lightingmarket, the market size of 45.82 billion US dollars in 2015, the amount of penetration will be 33.4%, mainly because of LED bulbs, lamps, spotlights shipments were multiple growth, the price towards parity Development results, LED lighting output value of 48% annual growth rate. 2016 will be the highest proportion of light bulbs, up to 36.8%, followed by the lamp and spotlights, the proportion will be 43.4%, 33.3%.

LED main application areas of analysis

1.LED streetlight applications

According to the data show that in 2009, the global number of LED street lamp device is about 2.5 million, the penetration rate of 1%, in 2010, the global LED lights can reach 4.5 million, the penetration rate of more than 2%. Global LED street lamp market in 2010 after the rapid growth in 2009 to 2013 compound annual growth rate of up to 97.75%, by 2013, the global LED street lamp market size reached 2.159 billion US dollars.


2013 LED lighting application is mature, the overall demand pulled up fast, from the LED lighting terminal products, at present, the development of LED lights become outdoor lighting worthy of attention to the project.


LED street lamp market size depends on the government's budget, which is the biggest difference with the general consumer goods. But as a new industry, LED has formed a complete global industrial chain layout.


2013 LED lighting terminal products, outdoor lighting worthy of attention is the development of LED lights, the product and the general consumer products, the biggest difference is that the size of the market depends on the government budget. Although the mainland LED street lights, although the standard specifications are being developed, and the "people rule" situation is still heard, but in the central to local relevant policy support, 2013 mainland LED street lamp market breakthrough million, 132 million, accounting for the proportion of the world 32 %.

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2. Architectural landscape lighting applications 

As the LED light source with energy saving and environmental protection, lightweight and durable, rich colors, simple and easy control, low pressure safety and a series of advantages, in the landscape lighting has a wide range of applications, the domestic landscape lighting market size of about 200 billion yuan. Xiamen, Chongqing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang and Harbin and other cities have built a number of LED landscape lighting demonstration project.


In the Olympic and Expo LED demonstration project, Beijing, Qingdao, Shanghai and other places will continue to build a number of LED landscape lighting project, these projects to expand the demonstration effect will further promote other small and medium-sized cities with LED landscape lighting, thus speeding up China's LED landscape lighting In different areas with large areas of urban use.


3. Traffic lights application areas 

Traffic signal of the market size of more than 10 billion yuan. At present, China's high-brightness LED city traffic lights have also been widely used. In addition, LED in the railway signal machine also has a broad application prospects. The traditional signal machine to double filament incandescent bulb as light source, lamp life is only 1000 hours.


China's government plans to build an average annual 1700 km of railway lines, by 2020 the total length of China's railway line will reach 100,000 km, high reliability, security and less maintenance of the bright LED will be great. And, hand-held lights, bus bed reading lights, safety signs and other railway signals and lighting products also began to use LED. China is in the rapid development of highways, airports, seaports and other areas of the signal, marking class lights, LED applications are also very potential for the market.

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4. Display application areas

Display market size of 50 billion yuan. China LED display started earlier, the market appeared a number of strong strength of the manufacturers, has formed a complete range of mature industries. At present, China's LED display has been widely applied to the station, banks, securities, hospitals, sports venues, municipal plaza, concerts, airports and other public places.

5. Small size LCD backlight

Domestic small size (7 inches below) backlight market about 20 billion yuan. LED has been in the mobile phone, MP3, MP4, DC / DV and PDA and other small size LCD panel has made a wide range of mature and widely used and popularized. With color screen mobile phones, domestic packaging companies are actively engaged in technical research and development or the introduction of equipment to improve production capacity and product quality. In particular, in recent years, Japan, South Korea's small size LCD backlight factory is being transferred to China.


6. Automotive applications

Domestic LED car lighting market has more than 10 billion yuan. China's automobile production and sales in 2007 reached 72.707 million and 7210.60 million, an increase of 32.76% and 30.02%. With the LED light-emitting components of the technical level, product prices decline, LED combination taillights, LED brake lights, LED turn signals, etc. will become the mainstream of China's car lights configuration. 2010 China LED pre-installed market (OEM matching market), LED combination taillights, LED central high brake lights, automotive instrumentation backlight and other LED lights will reach 40 billion matching. The next application trend for automotive LEDs will be automotive headlamps.


LED fashion lamps .jpg

7. indoor ordinary white light

China has been used as a case of indoor lighting LED, 2 to 3 years to save electricity to recover the initial investment. With the LED performance continues to improve and prices continue to decline, energy saving and environmental protection LED will gradually enter the field of general lighting. In particular, in public lighting places, because of environmental requirements require uninterrupted lighting, such as gas stations, underground parking, hospitals, star hotels, business centers, commodity display counters, high-grade commercial office space and other commercial sites, for higher prices Can accept, these places will take the lead in the use of white LED as a general lighting.


In addition, under the enormous pressure of energy saving and environmental protection, foreign governments to take relevant policies to encourage and promote the application of LED lighting products. December 2005 Japan introduced to improve and improve the use of energy to promote the tax law, clearly stipulates that enterprises or institutions to use LED lighting instead of incandescent lighting, access to 130% of the amount of investment depreciation, or 7% of the investment rate of relief. EU in July 2006 to implement the ROHS Act (the full name is "in the electrical and electronic equipment to prohibit the use of certain hazardous substances directive"), limit the use of mercury-containing fluorescent tubes; California legislators proposed to 2012 incandescent ban ; February 2007 the Australian government announced that it will phase out incandescent; Taiwan in 2012 to limit the use of incandescent.

8. Artificial light source for agricultural production

Plant light and animal cultivation in the production of artificial light source, mainly fluorescent lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, halogen lamps and incandescent lamps and so on. For a long time, high luminous efficiency, uniformity and good light quality artificial light source has been the industry's focus and direction of attention and efforts. Compared with the traditional artificial light source, LED has green energy saving, DC drive, small size, long life, wavelength fixed, light intensity, light quality, red / blue light ratio or red / infrared light ratio) can be adjusted, the cooling load is low Area cultivation of a series of advantages.


9. Medical light source

Scientific experiments confirmed that LED light source with anti-inflammatory, sterilization and induction of human tissue changes, affecting the human body rhythm and other medical effects, therefore, so far a large number of LED light source treatment of skin, vision, wounds and beauty and other successful medical cases. Such as the use of LED red light anti-inflammatory effect of treatment of skin ulcers and auxiliary wound healing; combined with blue and red light combined with mild to moderate severe acne; LED light source in the human body diagnosis and treatment there is a wide range of applications, LED market will gradually expand.


10. Aviation lighting source 

LED lighting A wide range of aviation applications, such as aviation lights, aircraft lights, aircraft outside the lights, airport lights, obstacles warning lights, flashing lights, lighthouse lights, runway lights and so on. The well-known international Boeing company has designated LED lighting system for the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner (Dreamliner) master cabin for passenger flight to provide more comfortable and leisure air travel. In addition, the system consists of LED ceiling lamps, side wall lamps, entrance lights, corridor lights and key lighting, providing lower maintenance costs and longer repair intervals and other additional advantages.

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