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What is the indirect lighting?

May 31, 2017

Under normal circumstances, the lighting method of local lighting, mixed lighting, general lighting, a reasonable way to change the lighting of our home space can also make the indoor art of the overall effect to the extreme, then Share what is indirect lighting, come and learn about it.

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Indirect lighting is the use of lamps or light through the walls, mirrors, flooring, etc. will be reflected after the light source of a lighting effect, not directly to the light source to be illuminated by the general. There are three aspects of indirect lighting is very important factors. One is to pay attention to the distance between the light source and the light receiving surface (light source, wall, ceiling gap), one is to pay attention to the light source shading (light generated shading), there is a note that the conditions of light (reflected light Of the decoration surface texture).

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Indirect lighting can effectively reduce the direct glare (lights directly into the eyes) and indirect glare (by the screen or glass reflection of the light), but because of the higher cost, need more bulbs and bulbs to maintain brightness.


Indirect lighting three elements


1, gap


Generally speaking, the diffusion effect of light and the gap has an important link, when the gap is not enough, the light is vulnerable to the formation of a strong contrast between light and shade, looks not natural enough, resulting in the light did not get spread.

2, shading light


In life, in order to get the ideal light source effect, we must recognize the existence of shading lines, so when the home space decoration lighting, to consider the location of a good light source, so that the overall effect of light can play to the extreme.


3, texture


In some decoration, some lighting designers do not take into account the interior design of the material in advance, and finally installed out of the effect may not be so obvious, resulting in poor lighting effects, in fact, this is the most common lighting design mistakes. In addition, if the decoration surface made rough surface, it is impossible to get the desired lighting effect.

Lighting the way of light distribution


1, the general diffusion of lighting: 40% -60% light of the light down the light


2, direct lighting: 90% -100% light of the light down the light


3, semi-direct lighting: 60% -90% light of the light down the light


4, semi-indirect lighting: 10% -40% light flux down the light


5, indirect lighting: 0% -10% light of the light down the light

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Direct lighting is more economical and efficient, but if you use direct lighting, be careful not to let the light projection angle is too large (Figure 2), choose a smaller projection angle (Figure 3), or the office often use anti-glare Partition lights will be the choice of money and eye protection.

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