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Can be used as a lighting wallpaper for modular LED lighting systems

May 31, 2017

Dyena company Helios touch modular LED lighting system, a block of hexagonal modules through the magnetic adsorption of the way together, can be used as a wall lamp, but also with a touch light off mode , Hand a touch can be closed or open. Helios lighting system single hexagonal module side length 11cm, thickness of only 1cm. The light color is not rich, only a single color, but its unique structure is also a good choice for wall decoration and lighting.



Dyena said the design of the Helios lighting system was designed to turn any of the interior space into illuminable light sources. In addition to covering the entire wall when the wall can be used to illuminate, some small modular combinations can also be placed on the baffle of the desk compartment to provide lighting when the user is working.

LED Panel lights.jpg

The brightness of each module is known as 400 lumens, and 40 W incandescent bulb or 6 W LED bulb brightness is basically the same. A circuit at the same time up to 105 modules at the same time power supply, when the number of splicing blocks more than 105, you need to add a circuit.


The module will be fixed by nails or adhesives on the wall, and the connection between the module and the module is the side of the magnetic adsorption. When splicing a large light screen, the company suggested that the middle part of the module with a nail reinforcement, which will give the surrounding module to bring strong support.


The user simply touches the module that you want to light up, and the built-in capacitive sensor will detect the user's action and perform the corresponding light switch operation.

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