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Details of solar street light cooling problem

May 31, 2017

Now on the road there are many led solar street lights, every night they will quietly work for us to bring light, but they will be tired, after a long period of work they will be hot, this time on the need for heat, That led solar street light is how to heat it?


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As for the heat of solar street technology, the general use of thermal conductivity plate is actually a 5mm thick copper plate, in fact, is a piece of temperature plate, the heat are temperature off; there will be installed heat sink to heat, but the weight is too large. Weight in the street lamp system is very important, the general installation of more than six meters high street lamp, and if the weight is too much, then the risk will increase a lot, especially in the event of earthquakes, typhoons are very likely to produce accidents Of things. Recently, some domestic manufacturers have begun to use the world's first needle-like heat dissipation technology, needle-like radiator cooling efficiency is much better than the traditional sheet radiator, can make the junction temperature than ordinary radiator 15 above, And waterproof performance is better than ordinary aluminum radiator, while the weight and volume also improved.


  In the field of solar power use, led solar street lights is a very important position. Led solar street light system using "photovoltaic + energy storage" in the form of a typical independent solar power system. Daytime sunshine enough photovoltaic power generation, to the battery charge, the battery discharge at night, to provide energy to the street. In actual use, if the battery is not properly controlled, improper charging, overcharge and over will affect the battery life, in order to reduce the cost of protection, the most effective way to the battery for a reasonable charge, of course, discharge is reasonable of.

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