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Style of the led landscape lighting.

Jun 02, 2017

Classical landscape type:

Classical style of commercial pedestrian street, the use of high fire firecrackers landscape sculpture lamp modeling to contrast the ancient Ming and Qing Dynasties old building "brick tile tile wall, corridor hanging flower grid window" unique charm, display the culture of microcosm, constitute a Red candle shines on the theme of the light of the people - "festive". Fire firecrackers landscape lights, from the design concept, to take a direct way of communication, red is the symbol of life, passion, light and sculpture artwork juxtaposition, contrast contrast caused by retinal stimulation, triggering people on the modern commercial street consumer culture Taste, so that people enter the so-called "art hall" and LED lighting art zero distance contact opportunities to improve the consumption of commercial department store items concept, to add a lot of fun to the shopping crowd. The entire lighting design to the layout to create a simple, elegant, extraordinary atmosphere and a feeling across time and space, light night as a red culture with the whole territory, forming a known "Qishan different water, the world alone "Reputation, red light firecrackers hi homes, night market thousands of lights according to Wuyuan.


Natural ecotype:

On the natural environment of the space interface is the pursuit of a dynamic interspersed effect, so that the formation of space can flow together, even more natural space character relaxed. The natural environment space is the basic foundation of outdoor design, reasonable and reasonable form of space, naturally on the space in the light color and nature color configuration made subconscious requirements. It is necessary to pay attention to the color, must be the color of space, is to reflect the characteristics of space color. Only in this way can we be complementary to each other and become a whole.


All the space, color, etc. are reflected through the light. Light reflects the characteristics of space, light reflects the quality of space, light reflects the emotional space. During the day, natural light through the direct sunlight, the night through the light source in the configuration of the space to create a good feeling.


For outdoor lighting design, pay attention to the square of the natural environment creative structure, the space is only as the stage light color, light and shadow, the natural environment is the protagonist.


Arch bridge ornamental type:

Archway is the important city of Haimen city west of the traffic entrance. To fully demonstrate the architectural features of this bridge magnificent momentum to blue as the main colors, yellow as the auxiliary colors, creating a solemn, generous, united atmosphere. In the bridge on both sides of the use of LED landscape decorative light (LED light-emitting diode) as the main facade lighting, the formation of blue whole body clear light band, dynamic chase the lighting effect, drive the space flow. From the visual tendency to calm, fresh, more in line with coastal climate characteristics, but also meaning clean and selfless.

Pier lighting, in order to reflect the bottom with a sense of stability, the use of wall-type cast light, light high-pressure sodium lamp was yellow, the formation of golden lighting effect, visual tendency bright and soft, contrast the surrounding atmosphere, there are government to the public warm and cordial fable. At the same time blue and yellow combination of color in the same color is not contradictory, constitute a unified.


The main bridge on the outer side of the arched bridge cable with LED landscape decorative light blue, outline the outline, so that the bridge is unique shape to the various facades of different illumination changes deepen the three-dimensional sense of appreciation. Night through the light of this special language to reshape the bridge is a magnificent architectural features, so that both in the day or night have become Haimen external image of the representative. Really: the day is King, at night Tim love.

Ground light type:

In order to pursue the comfortable lighting of people and the environment, to show the city humanities spirit and style, to enhance the quality of urban living environment, additional outdoor space for the theme of space, set in line with children's aesthetic and physical and mental health field, providing knowledge, fun, entertainment Sexual environment lighting.


"Light-emitting ground" lights, also known as environmental lighting, the shape of the lamp to the well-designed animal patterns, portraits, landscapes, etc., through a vivid luminous graphics, people's vision to produce a low-level integration Pattern effect, giving the United States to enjoy the knowledge, to create a fresh and strange feeling, and the natural environment seamless, intriguing. "Luminous ground" lamp is a combination of modern science and technology and culture and art products, vivid decorative patterns, enrich the scene content, to the entire environment into the vitality. Light source using LED technology (high-tech), low power consumption, operating voltage 24V, safe and reliable, life of up to 100,000 hours.


The good atmosphere comes from light. Whether it is empty night in the empty night, or nervous, busy day, a variety of modeling lanterns in the natural environment, showing a prosperous scene.

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