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LED landscape lighting design

Jun 02, 2017


Building night lighting is the use of lighting to shape the night according to the building image of the building to play a landscaping, marking the role of its basic requirements:


1, highlight the theme, distinctive features, emphasizing the shape of the building image;


2, it is necessary to highlight the key but also take into account the general effect of ensuring that the overall lighting LCD, to ensure consistent with the surrounding environment lighting;


3, the combination of technical and artistic lighting;


4, to comply with the corresponding planning and regulatory requirements;


5, caution with color light;


6, the choice of a reasonable way of lighting (pan cast light, contour lighting, light transmission within the light, dynamic lighting);


7, saving money;


8, to avoid the building and the observer glare or light interference;


9, the control system design should be flexible;


10, lighting facilities to be safe and reliable, easy to repair.


LED indoor lighting.jpg


Building night lighting, the most commonly used flood lighting, contour lighting, light transmission within the light.

Building facade of the floodlight is to use light (floodlight) lamp design by calculating the angle of direct exposure to the building facade, reshaping the building night.

The image. Its effect can not only show the whole picture of the building, but also the building shape, three-dimensional, stone material and material texture, and even the details of the decoration can be effectively demonstrated.


Floodlight is not simply to reproduce the image of the building during the day, but the use of light cast light, color, shadow means to reshape the building at night more moving, pretty, magnificent image.


Internal light transmission is the use of indoor light or the device in a special location of the lamp from the building inside the transmission of light, the formation of exquisitely carved night lighting effect.



Square shape and area is neither stereotypes and a wide variety, set the landscape lighting must seize the inherent characteristics of the square, give full play to the function of the square.



Square landscape lighting, first of all to the square around the building landscape lighting and other parts of the square lighting together, the square and the square road landscape lighting should be harmonized, to unify the inherent culture.


Square lighting are: fountains, square ground and signs, it is feasible to walk, underground play or subway entrance light and the surrounding green space, flower garden and other environmental lighting composition.



Modern bridge, multi - line modern cable cable - stayed bridge, double tower cable - stayed, single tower cable - stayed. The shape of the cable-stayed bridge is the cable. Bridge lighting will focus on highlighting this feature-based, with different lamps and ingenuity of the unique artistic approach, a huge harp stands in the river, the river above.


In order to reflect the overall effect of the program atmosphere of the bridge, on both sides of the bridge along the road, every 4-5 meters placed a golden art string lights, so that the chain into a flash pearl necklace.


On the main tower of the facade lighting can be divided into three aspects by the following cast, the whole tower to take care of the operation thoroughly, white flawless, magnificent This is the bridge landscape of the most important.


In order to make all the main tower are lit, perspective effect is good, should also be set up under the road platform, with floodlights from the top down the water above the tower base part of the tower so that the lighting effect like a giant standing Above the river.


Overpass is often in the city's traffic arteries, is the city landscape lighting an important part of the overall effect. From the distant high point of view overpass, is a section of walking through, and then spread around the lane. Lane an image is mainly by the lane side of the railing to show. Overpass is mostly level, multi-lane vertical overlap, and the depth of the performance of the relationship between layers in order to truly reflect the charm of the overpass bridge.


In the overpass area should be set up green space, green space on the adjustment of the landscape environment has an important role, should make full use of.


From the high point of view overpass panoramic view, both lane edge lines, there are green light composition and lighting sculpture, as well as the bridge area lights, high pole lights formed bright lines, these lighting elements together to form a Organic whole picture.

Water garden: 

Water features are an important part of the landscape. Water features in many forms, there are open water, blue waves rippling Lake water, there are streams, fountains, waterfalls and cement pools and other water features.


The water surface of the night lighting method is mainly the use of water surface real scene and shore trees and railing lighting in the water to form a reflection. Reflection and reality, contrast to each other, set off, positive and negative contrast, coupled with the dynamic effect of reflection, people are beautiful and beautiful.


For the fountain, the waterfall can be used underwater lighting, the same or different colors of underwater lights, according to a certain pattern arranged upward irradiation, the effect of magic, do not have fun.


Trees constitute one of the four elements of landscape. Trees variety, mix, in addition to beautify the environment, for people to appreciate, but also regulate and protect the environment effect. Lighting should be treated according to the height, size, shape and color of the trees.


Garden road lighting method: the road is the context of the garden, from the entrance to the visitors to the various attractions. Path to meandering twists and turns, giving the creation of a step Jingjing different, winding effect. The lighting method should be carried out with this feature.


Sculpture in the garden pieces, signs, one is ornamental; the other is commemorative. Lighting should be from the characteristics of the sculpture, especially for the key parts such as: head, demeanor, materials, color and the surrounding environment, the use of side from top to bottom cast light, should not be uniform from the front exposure, so as to create a true demeanor, , Three-dimensional sense of strong lighting effect. Should choose a narrow beam of light with the appropriate light source, to avoid the direction of visitors sight to prevent glare interference.


classical building: 

Chinese classical architecture can be described as unique, self-contained, in the use of materials, modeling and plane and space layout has its own inherent characteristics. The main building center, other buildings are based on the central axis to both sides of the development. Architectural form, basically by the base, roof, house three components.


The roofs of Chinese classical buildings are often made of soft curves, surrounded by cornices high, covered with gray tiles or glass tiles, which is one of the inherent characteristics of Chinese classical architecture itself.


So accurate grasp of this feature, with the form of light in the evening will be highlighted is the key to Chinese classical architectural lighting.


With the criss-crossing the end of the wooden doors stacked together to become the unique formation of Chinese classical architecture. Liang Zhu door arch of the oil painting, through the colorful patterns to increase the beauty of the building. The use of appropriate lamps to choose the appropriate light source is the focus of Chinese classical architectural lighting.


In view of the layout of the Chinese classical architecture, shape, color and materials are different with the modern building, so the lighting of the light, color, lighting modeling should be to highlight the ancient architectural features, and strive to accurately show its unique The classical architectural culture and artistic connotation as the starting point.

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