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Characteristics and Application of Commercial Lighting

Jun 02, 2017

Commercial lighting originated from the birth of public commercial establishments, in order to commercialize the needs of commercial lighting and business applications for the bright system.

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Modern commercial lighting is clearly uphold the traditional commercial lighting on the basis of more content.


1, for the use of light in a particular business environment, light intensity, color temperature, light color has a scientific definition and according to the requirements of a more accurate calculation, different from the initial visual assessment;


2, the objectives of modern commercial lighting targeted, in order to achieve a prominent function often need to conduct a specific design to contrast the environment, reflecting the specific nature of the business and characteristics;


3, the nature of modern commercial lighting by the purpose of lighting decisions, often in the rendering of the atmosphere on the use of regional multi-point light source, light color space combination;


4, with the use of high-tech computer controllable technology, to dynamic, changeable, there are specific procedures and the way the audience to achieve the state of interaction;


5, with the development of compact light source, ballasts and other ultra-small, ultra-thin, all kinds of new technologies, new technology, the continuous use of electrical accessories, modern business lighting is to small, practical and multi-functional aspects development of;


6, from a single lighting function to the lighting and decoration in the direction of transformation.


With the progress of the times, modern commercial lighting technology, lighting, aesthetic concepts are constantly updated.



According to the function can be divided into


General business scene lighting, highlighting the commercial lighting and decorative lighting.


By location to points


It is divided into business environment interior, display area (window), population area, commodity display area lighting and external environment landscape lighting.


According to the layout of the way points:

Can be divided into direct lighting, semi-direct lighting, diffuse lighting, semi-indirect lighting, indirect lighting.




According to Chinese norms, shops are divided into large, medium and small three categories. The terms related to commercial buildings are the basis of commercial building design and are explained as follows:


(1) department stores: sales of many types, multi-color varieties (mainly industrial products).


(2) shopping malls: commercial goods store or shopping malls.


(3) professional stores: the sale of a certain category of goods stores, such as clothing stores, electrical stores, pharmacies and so on.


(4) vegetable market categories: sales of food, meat, eggs, aquatic and non-staple food field, shop.


(5) optional shopping malls: open to the customer, you can directly select the goods, according to the price of payment (supermarket) business premises.


(6) joint shopping malls: focus on the shops, booths in the business premises, but also with the department store business hall coexist or accompanied by food, repair and other service shops.


(7) Walking commercial street: for people shopping, eating, entertainment, beauty, rest and so set the pedestrian street. The pedestrian street prohibits driving without permission.

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department store:


As the name suggests, department store sales of goods and more, a wide range of goods. For now the department store is the brand display and sales platform. Department stores are no longer a simple commodity sales, but the development of a set of goods, restaurants, entertainment for the body of the integrated entity, so the lighting has a considerable diversity.


Department store lighting is reflected in the mall taste, an effective tool to display the image, its design also changes with the contents of the indoor goods changes, the general department store lighting is divided into the following


Area: indoor general lighting, display lighting and other regional lighting.


Since the department store is a platform for the display and sale of goods for a variety of other brands, the first emphasis is on general lighting, and in order to ensure the high circulation rate of department stores, the general level of lighting requirements is relatively high , But in order to  

meet the display area and the proportion of the general regional lighting, the general illumination of the illumination should be moderate, not too high. For high-end department stores, the average level of illumination should be controlled at 5001x, this indicator has been with the international standards; and for general department stores, the average illumination of the average illumination of 300Ix can. Department store general lighting color rendering index Ra> 80, according to actual needs, color temperature in the 3000 ~ 6000K.



Supermarkets, also known as self-selected shopping malls, customers can freely buy goods in the mall, and then to the cashier payment. It is made up of the following areas: department store area, fresh goods area, fruit and vegetable area, storage area, office area, dining and rest area, outdoor and road advertising area. Warehouse supermarket operation is the key to traffic, and therefore need a relatively high level of lighting to avoid overcrowding phenomenon, see Figure 10-3. Lighting can create a general atmosphere of the supermarket, but also help to distinguish between different product categories. High-end supermarkets require an average level of illumination of 5001x, the general supermarket requirements of the average level of illumination for the 3001x, and the need for illumination to a certain degree of uniformity.


In the department store area general color temperature requirements are relatively high. In the food area, people are increasingly concerned about nutrition and health, and increasingly favored fresh goods, fresh goods sales have been greatly improved. At the same time, because people accelerate the pace of modern life, people like to use convenient and effective way to buy daily necessities shopping. In order to make things more fresh, generally choose the color temperature in 3000 ~ 4000K or so.





In the retail industry, more and more companies choose the store or flagship store business forms, this way a unified - brand planning or design, through the form of franchise to set up sales network.


We can divide such lighting into: window lighting, general lighting of stores, key lighting and special function lighting (such as cashier, etc.).


At the same time, due to the increasingly fierce competition in the retail industry, people purchase behavior has undergone great changes in the process of commodity sales, in addition to TNt2N commodity quality and price and other factors, more attention to emphasize the brand positioning and image to help people complete Purchase process. So as an auxiliary means of sales of lighting, no longer rigidly adhere to the simple static lighting effects, dynamic lighting, color changes, etc. are gradually applied to such business.


The creation of the lighting environment, not only need to consider the recommended quantitative indicators, but also need to take into account the architectural, psychological and visual and other non-quantitative factors, only cleverly combined lighting technology and art in  order to obtain superior lighting effects.


Store the lighting requirements of the store is higher than the department store; for key areas, important commodities, specialty stores focus on higher lighting requirements, AF may be higher than the department store - times; store warm color warmer, some color rendering index To be taller. These two tables actually reflect the difference between general-purpose stores and specialty store lighting.


design concept:


The emergence of LED to break the traditional light source design methods and ideas, there are two latest design concepts.


1. Scenario lighting: the design of the lighting needs of the environment. Scenic lighting to place as a starting point, to create a beautiful, brilliant lighting environment, to contrast the scene effect, people feel the scene atmosphere.


2. Emotional lighting: to meet the needs of people to design lamps. Emotional lighting is based on human feelings as a starting point, from the human point of view to create a mood-like lighting environment.


Application scenario:


With the original visual assessment; and modern commercial lighting targeted targeted, in order to achieve a prominent function often need to conduct a specific design to contrast the environment, reflecting the specific nature of the business and characteristics;


1, high-level stores, shopping malls and other indoor business atmosphere lighting


LED light source energy saving and environmental protection, no UV, to meet some businesses show personalized light environment psychology, has become a number of businesses for certain special products show the preferred light source; it is full spectrum of color range is suitable for contrast store and shopping malls atmosphere , LED light source in the local lighting, key lighting and regional lighting advantages, can create other traditional lighting electric light can not match the high quality light environment, very suitable for commercial lighting domain. At this time, the price has become a secondary consideration.


2, entertainment, beauty salon lighting LED integrated light source with full features easy to control, you can create static and dynamic lighting effects, from white to full spectrum of any color, rendering a strong atmosphere of entertainment, the emergence of LED This kind of space environment decoration design opened a new way of thinking.


3, bars, cafes and other places of leisure atmosphere lighting LED light source small size, solid light, to the lighting manufacturers unlimited play space, you can professionally produce all kinds 

of different styles of LED lighting, and LED full spectrum of any color and movement Static lighting effects make it decorative and manufacturing mood in this type of place performance most vividly.


4, museums, art galleries and other professional venues lighting museums, art museums and other places belong to the lighting environment requires a higher special occasions, the display of the special requirements of the light source does not contain ultraviolet light, no heat radiation. LED is a cold light source, the light does not contain ultraviolet light, can meet the museum, art museum on the special requirements of lighting.


5, commercial theater, television studio dance and photography stage lighting LED light source in the indoor lighting applications, to the theater, studio lighting environment interpretation of a new concept. As a first-class British television station, GMTV will be studio lighting to change color LED, lighting, energy use reduced by more than 60%, the studio temperature also fell to a more comfortable level.


6, hotels, hotels, hotel lighting hotel, hotel lighting the use of LED products, to bring customers a different feeling, in addition to energy conservation, but also filling the luxury and warm, the owners, the LED to create Personalized light environment can fully demonstrate the strength of the enterprise.


7, conference room, multi-function hall lighting intelligent control of the LED gray scale adjustable, according to the contents of the meeting to adjust the contents of the conference room or multi-function hall lighting environment, serious or lively can be set free, LED intelligent lighting can Meet the needs of different conference topics on the light environment.


8, exhibitions, fashion show lighting exhibition, fashion show is the business show their products and services venues. For businesses, in order to better attract customers, sell goods and eventually reach a cooperation agreement, they need a personalized light environment to display their products and services, LED lighting and exhibition lighting in the field of great use.

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