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What is the led wash wall light?

Jun 06, 2017

LED wall washer, as the name suggests, so that the same light as the water washed the wall, mainly used for building decorative lighting purposes, there are used to outline the outline of large buildings! As LED has energy saving, high luminous efficiency, rich color, life Long and so on, so as to be widely used!

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Basic parameters:

Application of more LED wall washer is basically the choice of 1W high power LED tube (each LED tube will be made with a PMMA made of high efficiency lens, the main function is the secondary distribution of LED tube issued by the light), was Single-line arrangement (second-line or multi-line arrangement I will be classified as LED flood light), most LED wall washer LED tube are shared a radiator, the light angle is generally narrow (20 degrees) 50 degrees), wide (120 degrees) three, high-power LED wall washer (narrow angle) of the farthest effective projection distance of 5-20 meters, the commonly used power of about 9W, 12W, 18W, 24W, 36W and other power forms, and their common dimensions are generally 300,500,600,900,1000,1200,1500mm and several other, according to the actual application of the project to choose a different length and power density.


Wash wall light.jpg


Projection distance: According to the lens 5 to 20 meters, the smaller the angle, the farther the projection distance.


Light angle: 6-90 degrees floodlight


Mirror: glass reflective lens, light transmission rate of 98-98%, not easy to atomize, anti-UV radiation


Light body with pure aluminum material, a variety of optional shapes, such as square, long strip, optional length can be arbitrary: 300,500,600,1000,1200,1500mm. Width and height fixed (1 meter for the regular product)


Protection class: IP65-IP67 (IP68 highest) Structural waterproof wall washer effect up to I67, with high water resistance, long time and other characteristics. Even if it does not affect its long-term use of its waterproof performance !!


Wall washer shape is also very many, respectively, long strip, round, square, length, size can choose their own, suitable for different types of building installation and use. Control mode is also from the original master and slave machine control, development to now support offline or built-in control, installation also supports wireless DMX control, light bead effect channel from the original 3-channel, upgrade 4 to 20 channels, let Each group of beads are free to configure the luminous effect, in order to achieve different color shaping effect, to shape a large building completely different visual effects!

The appearance of the led wall washer:

Power specifications: can be divided into DC and AC, the general built-in power supply AC220V (Japan AC110V) mains, etc., are generally low-voltage DC24V, DC12V, DC27V and so on. According to the different requirements of the voltage is also different.


Color specifications: full color, colorful colors, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, white and other colors.


Development trend: the main wall to the development of ultra-thin wall, because the ultra-thin wall lamp in the transport costs will be relatively lower, and more convenient at high altitude operations.



LED wall washer because of the relatively large volume, cooling is better, so the design also greatly reduced the difficulty, but in practical applications, there will be constant current drive is not too good, there are many damage, So how to make the wall washer to run better, the focus on the control and drive, control and drive, together to learn about LED constant current device. Related to the LED high-power products, will be raised to the constant current drive, then what is the LED constant current drive? Regardless of the size of the load changes, LED current remains the same circuit called LED constant current drive. If the wall is used inside the 1W LED, usually 350MA LED constant current drive, with the purpose of LED constant current drive is to improve the led life and light failure. The choice of constant current source is based on its efficiency and stability, as far as possible to choose a high efficiency constant current source, which can reduce the energy loss and temperature.


Application place:

High-power LED wall washer distance of 10-1 meters, very suitable for government lighting engineering, commercial sites, subway, elevated overpass, building facades, architectural landmarks inside and outside the panoramic view of flood lighting. Landscape building floor, outdoor square. Landscape objects and walls, display brush color. Can adapt to a variety of indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity environment. Colors are red, yellow, white, green and blue, colorful color and other effects.


Through the rich and colorful combination of light and water, resulting in Smart feeling, bring a fantastic feeling. Light era wall washer LED high-power T45 with 24 high-power LED for the light-emitting components, is a new generation of green lighting products. Long distance, rich color to join the effect, giving a new visual experience, people immersed in the vagaries of the color world.

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