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IKEA launches the intelligent lighting kit that is compatible with the three major platforms

Jun 06, 2017

Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Apple and other manufacturers are setting up their own smart home ecology. The introduction of smart speakers or other intelligent center is the first step, and in this short period of time for more real estate manufacturers or furniture brand support, but also indispensable basic work.


Recently, Apple's Homekit camp and then spread the new message. IKEA furniture company IKEA said that their new Trådfri intelligent lighting system will support Apple's HomeKit application. After that, the user can directly use Siri to control this set of lights.

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According to Macrumors, IKEA launched the Trådfri series of intelligent light bulbs, is a flagship "wireless experience" lighting system. The name of the series Trådfri, in fact, is the meaning of the wireless.


This Trådfri LED intelligent wireless lighting system can provide 2200K, 2700K, 4400K third gear optional color temperature to match the different indoor environment and demand. Users need to connect the LED to the hub, and then you can use the remote control or intelligent home control applications to control.

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In addition, the Trådfri LED Hub is equipped with a gateway kit and motion sensor to allow users to activate the lamp with a specific action.


Also, Macrumors also reported that IKEA Trådfri LED will support Apple's HomeKit system. By then, users can iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch on the Homekit application to control, but also can use Siri to wake Trådfri LED.


This support will be launched this summer or fall, IKEA will be through software updates to achieve HomeKit functional support. IKEA also said that the system update software will also include compatibility support for Amazon Echo and Google Home.

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