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Design Orientation and Location of Commercial Space Lighting Application

Jun 06, 2017

Compared to the home lighting to comfort as the main demand, commercial space lighting is more varied and rich, in addition to the basic requirements, the more emphasis on the atmosphere to create, shaping the visual tension and more for the consideration.


book room lighting .jpg

Commercial space lighting design in the configuration than the home space to the complex many, generally can be used four blocks:


1 induced light distribution The so-called induced light distribution, that is, from the beginning, perhaps the space periphery or a start when the use of low-level lighting to establish a visual order, and guide customers with the weak but orderly The light moves into the space.


2 basic security with different commercial space, with different product features. But all need a certain degree of illumination in order to identify the product, while ensuring that customers in the space activities of the security. Such as clothing stores need to be placed on the clothing display enough light to light the product.


led linear application jpg.jpg

3 focus on lighting, such as projection on the display of the table on the light source, emphasizing the characteristics of the product highlights, the general will focus on the more focused LED projection lamp, you can also want to emphasize the area, especially the placement of light, highlight the personality.


4 scene lighting configuration different light source for the space to add visual changes in the context of lighting, enrich the imagination of space and light and shadow, to create a wider variety of commercial space visual feast.

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